Update 2021-04-08 | Covid 19 - 21 and be

I find it quite weird how many people believe the story of the virus. By now everybody has had it. One way or another. Yet nobody is doing any research. How many death have there been any other year? What is the average  >>more...<<

Blaster - Neu Autonom (Official Music Vi

Brand new video by Blaster - Neu Autonom >>more...<<

Half Dead Soul - Last Exit After Barstow

I just completed a new project and thought about sharing this with you.You will already recognize it's based on the phot >>more...<<

Bad Cops Video Game

My first venture into video games. This one actually is a flash game.The story is based on a true story. basically the  >>more...<<

My last post on my facebook account

This is my last post on this facebook account. By the end of the day I will delete all my accounts.I might open another  >>more...<<

Summer Is Over

It seems like summer is officially over. Now its time for me to do what I always do. Work harder, make more gains and wo >>more...<<

Current Events

yeah, I'm about to revive me weekly column, there has a lot happened in between and I'm progressing to new grounds. Whil >>more...<<

Black Bomb Lookbook Fall Winter 2015

I'm very proud of this one and thanks to my cousin Kwame, this has become a masterpiece. It's time to raise the bar and  >>more...<<

Brandnew The Mafia Coat

Just wanted to share this with everybody. During the New year's holidays I bought some fabrics and stitched this coat. I >>more...<<

Elmshorn Alligators Jersey 2014

Just finished production and already in live action. Today the Alligators are playing their first game for this year's b >>more...<<

Update 2021-04-08 | Covid 19 - 21 and be

I find it quite weird how many people believe the story of the virus. By now everybody has had it. One way or another. Y >>more...<<

Update 2021-04-01 | new projects

Hey everybody, this is an update after some time.I am now 2 Month gone from social media. I personally will not come ba >>more...<<

Police Brutality (George Floyd comment)

I was not sure if I do this. But I think it's the right thing to do. I was the victim of police brutality in my hometown >>more...<<

Magazine Cover Stallo and kim Jong Il

Stallone and Kim Jong Il sharing the same magazine cover. Title 2 guys who's time is still not over....>> read & comm >>more...<<

Chinese people are small

Just heard people Saying Chinese people are small. Hmm. Might be right on ...>>read & comment >>more...<<

Worst advert ever

Maybe the worst Rolex advert ever. They had those all along the road. Up to Shanghai stadium.  >>more...<<

Last night in Shanghai

Last night on a highway back to Shanghai. 2am driving 120km/h. I see the police on the emergency lane and 2 towing cars  >>more...<<

We will never forget you

It's already 5 years since he is gone. But I write this to keep alive the memory of mt friend Ben.You are not dead until >>more...<<

RIP John D Birchenall

Wow, what's happening. People die left and right.It's crazy.But this death could have been prevented.John was a stubborn >>more...<<

The fake virus vaccine is finally here

2020 is the magical point in my life where I finally need to say humans are just lemmings. I canít help them and I will  >>more...<<

The fake virus vaccine is finally here

2020 is the magical point in my life where I finally need to say humans are just lemmings. I canít help them and I will  >>more...<<

Book Recommendation. Klaus Schwab Covid-

I recommend reading this book.It should not be a shock that this is from the boss of the World Economic Forum. Who also  >>more...<<

A typical day in Shanghai

Hey guys, I was asked several times by friends if there is a way to show a typical scene of my daily life here in Shangh >>more...<<

Shanghai Heat Wave

To all my family and friends in Ghana. It does not get this hot over there.We are experiencing now the hottest week in S >>more...<<

Shanghai Summer 2012

2012 was an exceptional year here in Shanghai. Normally as we know it here the sky in Shanghai is always grey. Due to du >>more...<<

Happy Chinese New Year

Family matters. We are wishing everybody a happy Chinese new year.My brother came over from Japan to celebrate with us.  >>more...<<

7 Years in China

Since yesterday I'm 7 years in China.I want to take this chance to say thanks.Thanks to all friends from Germany, Ghana  >>more...<<

Chinese New Year the pics

Heyy folks,Chinese New year is over and I have some pics to share with you.Click here.  >>more...<<

Midsummer 2019

hi everybody, we had a great trip to the north of China for midsummer this year Located at the border to Russia we went  >>more...<<

Africa Trip 2014 Part 1. Ethiopia pics.

more>>>Hey guys what a trip. We are just back from our holidays in Ethiopia and Ghana. Best thing we could do this year. >>more...<<

USA 2013 the photos

click hereBack to China, back to life. Does not really matter since we spent our greatestholiday trip ever. It was just  >>more...<<

In Memory of Mr. Shunsheng Yang

I want to pay my final respect to my grandfather in law Yang Shunsheng. He died last month at the age of 90years at his  >>more...<<

Back from Ghana

Back from Ghana and another 3 weeks have already passedÖFirst of all I want to thank my whole family for the great time  >>more...<<

The brothers ...

Greetings from Shanghai.My brother Christian came over from Japan for a visit. >>more...<<

Rest In Beauty Emmanuelle

Thanks to RTL television in Germany, I was able to watch my favorite movies every Saturday night. One of the first ones  >>more...<<

The Avengers

Wow, went out to watch The Avengers on Sunday. What a movie!!!  >>more...<<

RIP Heavy D

RIP Heavy D,++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The whole Africa will miss you. No family party in Afric >>more...<<

Comments update

Hey guys, I ran an update for this site.The comments have now an extended functionality.Looking forward to a more vivid  >>more...<<

New weekly blog

Heyy Folks,- This is my new weekly column. I thought why not share a few words. Once in a while it cant be wrong.Greetin >>more...<<

Tech Update

I was already wondering, but it takes always users to report errors. Thanks to Zeli we found out the comment function is >>more...<<

My switch to raw foods

I made this a trial at the beginning of this year and it works very well so far. I thought about this some time ago, whe >>more...<<

Salt and Water

This is something I would like to share with friends and family.Most people know that I have not had any flu for 2 years >>more...<<

Sungazing today

I just returned from an amazing sungazing session.The fundamentals of sungazing are just keeping yourself in a low stre >>more...<<


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