Brandnew The Mafia Coat

2015-01-13 14:53:58

Just wanted to share this with everybody. During the New year's holidays I bought some fabrics and stitched this coat. I just wanted to make a cool coat, so I used the classic way on the outside and the neon lining inside to make it really stick out. Once I finished the prototype I was convinced i have to sell this. I think this is my best stitching work to date. This is why I went ahead and decided to put out a limited edition. (Of course I'm not stitching all by myself)
This Coat will be only available to order for another 3 days. Limited to just 10 pcs. Made from fine Wool material. We always like to offer the best possible quality. So hurry up to get yours >>> here <<<


Why Rap music is the most successful mus

2014-12-27 7:46:22

Coming from the 80s and partying hard in the 90ís I can easily say Iíve seen it all.
Rap went from a local New York phenomenon to the most domin...>>>read & comment<<<


Happy Holidays

2014-12-25 7:51:03

Hey everybody, I would like to wish all of you happy holidays and a great new year. 2014 has been amazing for me and I'm looking forward for an even better 2015.


Africa Trip 2014 Part 1. Ethiopia pics.

2014-10-17 15:55:15

Hey guys what a trip. We are just back from our holidays in Ethiopia and Ghana. Best thing we could do this year. Big thanks to everybody in Ghana to make this such an enjoyable time.

Let me skip the introduction for Ethiopia I will write more once I have the Ghana pictures ready.


Blaster - Neu Autonom (Official Music Vi

2014-09-23 0:25:06

Brand new video by Blaster - Neu Autonom


Why am I not participating in the Ice Bu

2014-08-26 12:54:25

Why am I not participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge (peer pressure competition by the pharmaceutical industry) and why I also do not make a donation.
>>read & comment<<<


Good vs. Bad

2014-08-10 12:22:20

The greatest thing is always if people are talking about what good means and what on the other hand is really bad. We are talking as if these are u...>>>read & comment<<<


Comments update

2014-07-29 23:46:35

Hey guys, I ran an update for this site.
The comments have now an extended functionality.
Looking forward to a more vivid discussion.



Elmshorn Alligators Jersey 2014

2014-04-19 14:24:15

Just finished production and already in live action. Today the Alligators are playing their first game for this year's baseball season. Equipped in fresh jerseys made by Black Bomb. I did my best in cooperation with the Alligator's management to really make the best possible jersey for the team. It's a welcomed opportunity from my side to demonstrate our abilities and offer a proof of our quality. For the future I want to make a mark in the fields of various sports. Fashion and sports go hand in hand. And I still love what I'm doing. I definitely want to grow this business and I need all support I can get. Spread the word that Black Bomb is back. Not on a small scale. On a big one. This is serious now!



Happy Birthday Hans Christian Sommer

2014-04-10 04:59:45
Today would be my father's 76th birthday.
Today I'm posting this drawing of him. My last portrait I ever did of a person.
I rarely do portraits. I always think this is something for others who have good
drawing skills but lack imagination, but that's another topic.
I think as a son or generally in life we humans tend to take people for granted.
As long as they are with us, we don't really care. We pay more intention to some
super stars or other cult figures we will probably never meet. But those close to
us, we don't pay attention to. Because they won't run away. They are safely stored
into our portfolio. Those we do not yet own are still interesting. A challenge maybe.
We love reaching for the stars or we look for paradise. Not understanding we are
already there. The paradise is here already. We are living in the middle of paradise.
but once it's gone, we can only realize this. By then it's too late. Television, advertising,
religion, they all tell us we are imperfect. We need to look for something greater.
there are still people much better than us.
Sometimes we should just look at what we have. What we have achieved so far.
Look at it, and be happy with it. It's a hard lesson and I must confess. I myself
have not been able to learn this. I am like most men driven by testosterone, giving
me the hunter instinct. On the other hand I have this restless nature. Probably not
just affecting me. It affects everybody who comes close to me. But that's me.
I hope one day I will understand my father. I hope I can one day.
He would not be distracted by so many things, which we define as our daily life.
he had the ability to see beyond many things. When somebody is more intelligent
in his words than you, whatever the person says sounds like riddles. Because you
have not met that level yet, or you built a box around your head because of sheer
ignorance. Not everything my father said was making sense. As any human, no
matter how hard we try. We will speak at least a minimum 50% about pure rubbish.
But after a person is gone and you are still finding many hints that a lot of his
words which I earlier judged as nonsense are now completely making sense.
That's amazing. It has nothing to do with maturity. Some people in this world
are able to thing out of the box. Think far ahead. My father did not bother marrying
a woman from Ghana in a time interracial marriages were not the cool thing to do.
He did not give me any rules to live by. He just gave me the idea of his highest


With these words I am paying my greatest respect to the god who made me.

Hans Christian Sommer.


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