2011-09-28 02:38:55

I read this somewhere. And it perfectly fits.

"A smart person makes a new mistake every day.
A stupid person makes the same mistake every day.
Only the lazy and the cowardly don't make mistakes at all."


Rest In Peace - I am pround to be your s

2011-07-26 12:42:43

I don't know what to say and I'm still speechless.

All I can say is.

I'm proud to be his son. You were my best friend i...>>read & comment<<<


Europe is not a continent

2011-07-26 12:30:35

Europe is not a continent

Iím now living in Asia for more than 4 years. A new life in a new cultural environment with different languages and traditions, on a very different continent. Wait! Different continent? I was in many different pl...>>read & comment<<<


Black Gays

2011-07-04 03:26:26

Black people and gay bashing.

Another day. Another agenda going out of control. Once visiting hip-hop or reggae web forums, where the members are mostly black, you will find an ever-increasing number of anti gay rants. Starting with the ty...>>read & comment<<<


Bad Cops Video Game

2011-06-20 00:17:45

My first venture into video games. This one actually is a flash game.

The story is based on a true story. basically the times before I came to
China in a fun view. Just dedicated this one to the police in Elmshorn City
who helped giving me this special treatment.

Click here to have a try and win a 10 Euro gift certificate for the
newly opened Bomb King shop.

click here to enter>>



Beijing trip

2011-06-15 04:11:38

On Board of the world's fastest train. The bullet train. We made our trip to Beijing.
See part one of the photos here >>


R.I.P. Captain Daniel and Nate Dogg

2011-03-19 02:33:19

Damn, the only happy thing is that this week is over. This was not a good week. Lost one very special friend that influenced me in a lot of ways. Daniel Kawecki. Simple as that. Before I met him I was no freak. He was that guy ppl would cal a bad influence. But if you really knew him then he was just a guy who knows what freedom means and he lived it without compromises.

Rest in peace my friend.

The second person is Nate Dogg. This man had soul. He was the voice of Westcoast rap. He may have been living up his lifestyle way too much, which resulted in bad health. But no matter what his legacy will live on. All of the songs he sang the hooks for are undisputed classics. Nate on a hook and you had a hit. You will truely be missed.


Chinese New Year the pics

2011-02-19 04:33:06

Heyy folks,
Chinese New year is over and I have some pics to share with you.
Click here.


Chinese Year of the Rabbit

2011-02-04 04:08:37

We are just celebrating the Chinese New Year here. Yesterday with plenty of firecrackrers and large family dinners. Not too different from it's European counterpart. Only that the date varies, since the Chinese New Year is due according to the lunar calendar (Moon phase). Just like easter holidays or example. Anyway. I'm enjoying my 10 days of holidays and will be back to Shanghai after that.


Happy 2011

2011-01-10 03:50:56
Heyy guys I know I'm a bit late here,

but better late than never.

2010 was a good year. So lets make the best out of 2011.
I wish all of you good health and a happy time.
I will also try my best to keep you updated here.
New pictures and new functions will make this site more interesting.
I'm not gonna give all of my info to facebook. This is my page
and here you're getting all info's about me first.

Asher Sommer 2011


My take on tolerance

2010-11-22 16:04:41

Generally I am an avid defender of freedom. No matter if it's freedom of choice or freedom of speech. let there be freedom. A big part of freedom is tolerance....>> read & comment<<<


New Photos

2010-10-07 13:14:31
New Pics Thursday, October 7, 2010 13:14:31 Heyy Freeks, got some new photos online. I'm putting all my summer pics online 1 by one. So check often to get to see all. more here


Magazine Cover Stallo and kim Jong Il

2010-10-07 12:35:03

Stallone and Kim Jong Il sharing the same magazine cover. Title 2 guys who's time is still not over....>> read & comment<<<


Halal & Kosher

2010-08-28 14:18:26

I am somebody who eats in restaurants quite often. Even though I have some foods I favor and also there are a lot of foods that I don't eat I am generally not limiting myself to any type of food. As long as I like it I will eat. Since I'm a big fan of a lot of Turkish and Middle Eastern food I'm used to eat there quite frequent. I used to. Unless I discovered more and more places writing Islam or Muslim on their signboard. Now I start seeing all these halal labels as window stickers. It reminds me of Jewish restaurants with a kosher sticker in New York. So what's next? Segregated restaurants? Jews please go left? Christians to the right and Muslims use the room clearly heading towards Mecca. Atheists, yeah atheists to the basement. Since you are all going to hell and others feel uncomfortable about your presence. Downstairs please. Then we can also offer different table types, just in case visitors are Indian. Divide into different caste levels. Very soon problems will come up and Irish Catholics will beg to be as far away as possible from Protestants. Or Sunni and Shiite Muslims get against each others. And what to do with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses? Will they request their own food standards? And where do scientologists fit in? Do you smell chaos? I do! Does it make our lives better? I just see it brings back segregation like it was practiced in the US and South Africa. Only on a voluntary basis. My personal decision is to avoid those places. Whenever I see a halal or kosher label they shouldn't get my money.


Expo African Restaurant

2010-08-16 19:20:09

This weekend i finally made it to the expo site. Of ...>> read & comment


Foreigners in Shanghai

2010-07-13 19:40:53

Shanghai has a very diverse ran...>>read & comment<<<


Chinese people are small

2010-06-21 23:54:16

Just heard people Saying Chinese people are small. Hmm. Might be right on ...>>read & comment<<<



2010-06-09 02:49:28

Heyy guys here are some updates on the Shanghai skyline I would like to share.


Apple i-God

2010-06-07 03:15:42

I don't need anything Apple Thanks. No I-phone, No I-pad. Keep that overpriced shit for yourselves. And i don't need I-God Jobs in my life. I have a PC.


Summer in the city

2010-06-05 03:22:14

It's summer now and things are running fine. So now I wanna share this Shanghai noon moment with you.


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