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2018-06-28 18:26:54

When it comes to food I do everything just opposite of what is recommended.
I usually eat once a day and this is always in the evening. I never have breakfast
or lunch.Since most people are posting a lot of photos I decided to also post what I eat.
On a side note. according to medical doctors I should be overweight and struggle with
high cholesterol. The reality My weight is 66KG at a height of 1.82m...
Also I didn't go to the gym for 6month. All I do for training are 120 push ups every morning.
the rest of the day I sit in an office and hardly move at all.

My Typical meal plan. 9.00pm
- 1 bowl of raw beef approx 500g
- 1 piece of butter 75g
- 10 raw eggs chicken or duck
- 1 bowl of salad cucumber / tomato 500g

My daily supplements:
- 1-2g of Himalayan salt
- 200-400mg magnesium
- 1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
- 10.000 IU Vitamin D



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