Worst advert ever

2010-06-05 03:02:09

Maybe the worst Rolex advert ever. They had those all along the road. Up to Shanghai stadium.


Burger King e-bike delivery

2009-12-28 04:30:57

Last month we had KFC Delivery Service. Now I have the exclusive picture of the Shanghai only Burger King delivery e-bike service.

From a Bomb King to a Burger King. You guys make the best mainstream burgers in the world.


Happy New Year

2009-12-25 04:50:26

Happy Celebration y'all and a happy New Year. I was a bit busy for some weeks. Now that most of the jobs are done I need to take some time to post some new pics. A lot of stuff is already queueing.


Half Dead Soul - Stereo

2009-12-10 04:11:04

Bandnew Video. Animation made by Asher Sommer


Words Of Wisdom: dont hate the player

2009-12-06 03:05:00

Don't hate the player, hate the game.


Benedict Fosu

2009-11-03 03:26:20

It's already a year my brother. Today 1 year ago Benedict Fosu left us. We will never forget you. I never met a positive person as you are in my life. No matter how hard things went, you vere never a pessimist. This is an ability that I always admired you for. Now looking back, there should be a Benedict Fosu in all of us.

Asher Sommer



c4d art 2

2009-11-02 00:56:56

A bit late, but was sick for 2 days. How about some creepy Helloween graphics. Built this with Cinema4D, maybe will have an animated version ready for next year.


KFC e-bike delivery

2009-11-01 21:09:24

I guess you haven't seen this before. KFC delivery service. Special e-bike delivery service only available in China. And guess what MC Donalds does it too. More updates later.


stay tuned

2009-10-28 02:07:35

New photos are coming tomorrow. Went out this weekend to shoot some current ones. So stay tuned.


some modelling

2009-10-14 05:24:39

Did some modelling today...


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