The Brothers

2013-07-31 04:19:44

Hey guys,

I haven't written anything here in a while. Normally I wanted to post another article about my father's death 2 years ago on the 25th of July. But I thought if he read this blog, he wouldn't like to read about this. So let me write the happy moments on this July 25th. This July 25th my German Brother Bjoern got married and we spent an amazing week with him in Zurich Switzerland. So on that day I finally got to see Christian (my brother) again whom I haven't seen in 2 years. We had a strong dispute and after the unfortunate passing of my father we all decided to let him start afresh, when he went to Japan. I am very happy now this argument is over and we are back together. Big thanks to all people who really helped and supported. The last thing my father had wanted to see is that the two of us argue over him.

R.I.P. Hans Christian Sommer (My father and creator)



I am Asher Sommer. I am from earth.

2013-07-07 14:47:10

Iím Asher Sommer. Iím from earth. The third planet circulating around our sun. Our sun is just one star of zillions in our universe. I was born in a small town called Elmshorn.

My creators are Hans Christian Sommer and Josephine Nana Abena Serwah Sommer. I was born totally naked. I donít care about countries, governments and any authorities of that nature. Plus I donít respect any cultures, rites and traditions which are not enjoyable by more people than a small exclusive group. I donít believe in good or bad, since good or bad change from which perspective you see them. I donít believe in miracles and religions. I condemn Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam for doing more harm to people than any good. There are thousands of likewise cults and each of them claims to be the only true one. So I must value all of them as false, since they cannot provide evidence they are any better than the others.

i don't care what race, color, or what sexuality people have. If staight, gay, bi or transsexual. As long as you're happy I'm happy for your choice. In general If we get along we get along, if we don't it's also no problem there are billions of other people available. But the only ground I can judge on are people's characters. But there is no reason anyone should not enjoy their full human rights.

I am not involved into any political direction. No matter if conservative, liberal, socialist or communist. All of them only pursue personal interests and are not interested in the well-being of the people. I am not a property of any government. All governments should be the property of the people. They should only serve the people. The people should never serve a government.

If you agree with this please share. Type your own name in it and the names of your parents. and your hometown. and post it above my first text.

Asher Sommer


My take on marihuana

2013-05-17 19:18:10

A lot of people discuss legalization of Marihuana,
so I thought of dropping my 2 cents.

I started smoking weed when I was 14 and I quit
be...>>read & comment<<<



2013-05-03 19:16:01

Hey guys, tomorrow is halftime.1 more day and Iím 35 years old.
Why halftime? Because I decided a long time ago why should I become
Older than 70 ye...>>read & comment<<<


Elmshorn Alligators jacket by Black Bomb

2013-04-13 04:45:08

Hey folks.
Last month I decided to design a Jacket for my hometown baseball team.
The Elmshorn Alligators. I'm a longtime fan and lots of my friends to date
still play for the team. So I felt why not create this Jacket to give them a
great look.

If you have time tomorrow and you are near Elmshorn Germany. Check
out the Elmshorn Alligators season opener. This is a jacket I exclusively
designed for the team. If you're lucky you can win one of these.


Happy 75th Birthday Hans Christian Somme

2013-04-09 17:13:06

Today April 9th would have been the 75th birthday of my father.
A good day to remember him. Cram out old memories and celebrate
this great man.



USA 2013 the photos

2013-03-15 04:35:46

click here

Back to China, back to life.
Does not really matter since we spent our greatest
holiday trip ever. It was just amazing. Criss crossing the whole US of A.
Meeting a lot of old friends in New York where I havent been for 15 years.
We went to the birthplace of Hip-Hop right in the Bronx. Despite icy winds
we made it there. Rented a car to drive from New York down to Atlanta with
a small stop in DC. Almost woke up the President on his very own holiday.
In Atlanta we stayed with our friend Ben. Had a perfect 4 days. And Penny
had her dream come true. Attend her first NBA game.
Live at the Phillips Arena watching Hawks vs. Heat. Taking a flight to
Los Angeles reuniting with Sedat, who we already met on our last day in
New York. With our home base in LA we toured the whole California,
then left for Nevada and Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. This time
we had to make it there. Especially since, we had to turn back last year
after we almost reached the place due to our flight leaving early the next
day. This time we did it. Then driving through the desert until we reached
San Francisco. Amazing place and an amazing city. We should have had
more time.


USA 2013

2013-02-13 14:41:06

Hey folks we are starting on another trip to the US.
It's me, Penny and Jack. The Chinese Spring Festival is
still on going, but instead of freezing in cold China, we
are going to the US to enjoy our holidays.

Our flight leaves at 9pm today, luggage is packed.
Let's go...



Happy Holidays and a new Santa cartoon

2012-12-24 03:42:46

I wish everybody some happy holidays and a happy New Year. Lets celebrate this with another episode of my Santa Claus cartoons. Spent some extra hours getting it together, but it's finally done. Lets have a good one and a great time.




Jesus Christ

2012-12-14 01:23:36

The holidays are coming and I think this time I want to write about Jesus Christ. Donít worry I didnít become religious and I also did not turn crazy, but I thin...>>read & comment<<<


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