Hans Christian Sommer

2012-07-26 03:47:45

It was exactly 1 year ago on July 25th 2011 around this time when my father died.

That day I lost not only my father. I also lost my best friend.
I don't want to mourn and fill this with sadness. He wouldn't have wanted people to
feel sad. Lets just celebrate him as we knew him. And remember him as the great
person he used to be.

He was not a person who took many photos of himself. Probably the week before his
death when he came to China, we took more photos together than he had taken of
him for his entire life.

I also want to thank Heiko Jürgens, who contributed some of the photos they
took together.

Go here to watch the Photos >>


Broke my record

2012-07-24 03:33:25
I finally broke my record. Yess I did it.

100 pushups in 1 set. My previous record was at 99 repeats in 1999.
Feeling like on top of my game right now :).

For everybody who didn't read my piece on no excuses,
dealing with exactly this topic.

Read here...



Tech Update

2012-07-24 03:29:47
I was already wondering, but it takes always users to report errors. Thanks to Zeli we found out the comment function is not working. So from now on. Thou shall comment on my posts. Haha, Have a good 1.



Wedding Video

2012-06-29 11:54:19

For everybody who couldnt attend.

Here is the Wedding video.

Thanks to Ace, Bjoern and Leon for sending
their greetings via video message.


RIP Trica 186

2012-06-26 01:35:43

I just got the news 3 days ago, my good friend Jens Flechtner a.k.a Trica 186 died last week (16.06.2012).
Since I cannot be there for his funeral...>>read & comment<<<



2012-05-23 02:20:49


Here we go. I finally uploaded a big stacks of pics from our wedding. Big Thanks to Jack, who shot many of these. Additional Photos will be added these days, But these pics give you the best impression. Enjoy...



The Avengers

2012-05-23 02:19:09
Wow, went out to watch The Avengers on Sunday. What a movie!!!


Just married

2012-05-15 9:50:24

Just married this weekend.

We will upload photos tonight.


Half Dead Soul - Last Exit After Barstow

2012-05-04 12:34:47

I just completed a new project and thought about sharing this with you.
You will already recognize it's based on the photos we shot on our trip
to Las Vegas. I just thought It goes well along with this Jazz tune I created.
I used my Fruity Loopz software to create it, No Samples of other records.
All melodies I played myself. And I mixed it together to give it a real
Jazz feel.

Judge for yourself.



May 12th Penny and Ash Wedding

2012-04-30 01:40:41

Heyy folks, we are going to have our wedding on May 12th in Yixing, China.
We are welcoming everybody who likes to attend. If you need any help
with organizing flights or directions to the place. Please contact me here on
the site >here<<

For everybody who cannot attend. If you have a camera at hand. I would be
very happy if you could record a video message (preferably 640x480px) which
we can later play on the video screen. Language doesn't matter.

Thank you Asher & Penny

Hey Leute, wir werden am 12.Mai in Yixing China unsere Hochzeit feiern.
Jeder der die Möglichkeit hat zu kommen ist herzlich willkommen.
Wenn ich helfen kann wegen Flügen und anderen Informationen,
bitte mich >hier<< kontakten.

Für alle die nicht anwesend sein können. Wenn ihr eine Kamera zur
Hand habt. Bitte nehmt einen Videogruss auf, den wir dann später
auf der Leinwand spielen werden.Wenn möglich Format (640x480px).
es ist egal in welcher Sprache .

Vielen Dank

Penny und Asher


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