2019-02-02 16:26:14

Once your calculator APP starts sending news, requests to use your GPS and read your contacts it's really over.
Time to go back to old Nokia phones. Only switch on the dumbphone when it's an emergency.


German Unity Day

2018-10-04 14:34:46

I should have written this yesterday, but I make it today. On the day of German Unity I want to dedicate this to all my eastern German friends. There was a time i was speaking badly about eastern Germany and I want to use this media here to make an apology. 20 years ago I automatically called all eastern Germans racist and ignorant. I even refused to speak to many. I was very stubborn in my belief and I ignored voices of friends who told me I'm going too far. of course this also comes from a series of bad experiences i have made over the past with incidents of racists who were threatening me or my family for our lives.
What I didn't understand was, that they were shielded from the world for many years. They did not make the same experiences which most people made in the west and it took some time in China for me to understand why they generally
lean to the right politically. First of all they are our brother's and sisters. They are from the same country.
What they experienced and we didn't is a system of communism. Communism is the most inhumane system in the world. I don;t want to argue otherwise. Communism is fascism and only party members benefit from the system. individualism and your personal dreams have no place in it. What the government says is the truth and whatever else you think is the truth. The people of eastern Germany stood strong against oppression. Against a totalitarian system and won. They broke through the wall. We in the west never had such a challenge, because we enjoyed a much better political environment. While the easterners were struggling in coal mines for no pay, we in the west had it all. Still it was them to get adapted to our lifestyle and they also brought a lot of skepticism to our political system. Nowadays more then ever politics has shifted to an oppressive system which wants to control thought and opinion. Censorship and media control are just a few hints in this direction. We have orchestrated incidents of alleged terrorism. And the government has opened the borders for the sake of making a couple of more arms deals in unstable countries. To be critical of all this doesn't make you a bad person. We should better watch who is there to divide us into different political camps. Who profits when Germans and German foreigners are separated. East and West and most significantly Man and Woman. It's not about your own tribe. Look at what happens, when everything becomes politicized. I was lucky to live in post Deng Xiao Ping's China. I would argue a national socialist nation, where the government worked hard on improving the life of their citizens. Where the people worked hard and were able to build a better future for themselves. The last thing people want here is to go back to old communism. I was able to see why. To cut a long story short. No matter what the situation is like. Talk to the people on the other side. Don't block the contact. Look for dialogue over partisanship. And please don't believe the hype on the media, who are just there to cause separation.

One Luv.


I retire from politics

2017-12-27 16:35:01

With this statement I'm retiring from politics. I don't subscribe or follow anymore. No matter what is going on there will always be groups on top and others on the bottom. The pyramid has nothing to do with the Freemasons or the Zionists. There would always be a group on top and a majority on the bottom. We have seen it in capitalism, communism and in monarchy. It's always the same. The only thing we can do is to be successful ourselves. Make the best out of our lives and don't fall for all the traps society sets up for you. When making decisions I make the decision towards freedom. There is never anything wrong with freedom, but we must acknowledge that freedom incorporates responsibility.
I don't subscribe to political parties anymore. I don't subscribe to race, religion, ideology or tribalism.
I'm just me myself. I love the people who love me and I dislike the people who hate me or the people I love. I know there is no way of being the good guy at all times. So I just do what it takes to be successful. Whoever supported me and put trust in me shall benefit and those who put stones in my way they should go their way. I'm not angry ant anybody or anything that happens. Those are all events with overlap and there is always a chance you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. As much as you will also find yourself in beneficial situations. Life balances itself out. It's all electrical with a flow between a plus and minus pole. Enjoy the trip, a lot of choices are yours. Not all. We must accept that. The amount of choices we have are still enough to set an amazing course in the known universe.


Bombs over Afghanistan

2017-04-14 6:01:39
I strongly condemn the bombing of Afghanistan by the US. Trump just like Obama, just like GW Bush promised that he will focus less on warfare and take care of focusing on internal problems. This does not mean that the people of the United States want these wars. They want them ended. They want their president to action in making USA great again.
Now it's the same agenda as with every other candidate before. After 100 days in office they change 180 degrees and continue these stupid wars. Dropping a 16 million$ bomb paid for by the American people's tax to kill 2 or 3 Talibans, who might have ties to a terror network funded by the CIA.
Afghanistan never attached the United States. There were 0 terror attacks on US soil executed by a single Afghan person.
The majority of people who are being killed are not the members of the terror network. They are the innocent bystanders, who have no business whatsoever in the network's businesses. People in the west will use the french flag after several people were killed during the alleged Charly Hebdo attack. But understand how many people are being killed when such a bomb drops on places in Afghanistan. Those are always hundreds. Are you changing your profile photo to the Afghan flag? No you don't. The only way is to stop supplying weapons to terror groups. They do not produce weapons by themselves. All their weapons are made in the US, Germany, France and Britain. They themselves could not even produce bullets. It would take the average terror militia 200 years to start developing their own weapons which would be a match for western weaponry. Imagine 200 years later the west would be 10 folds ahead. So this is all nonsense. The war is orchestrated so your politicians can lure all the money as taxes out of your pockets, use the media to show you a terror threat which they funded so that some nasty bankers can make their profits.


Tired of politics

2017-03-14 7:57:59

I'm somehow tired of politics. Elections are just a popularity contest for people who suffer from advanced attention deficit.
Once elected it's politic...>>>read & comment<<<


Bye Bye Castro

2017-02-23 17:28:13

I'm not gonna praise Castro here.
You were fighting the system.
Got it. But to hold your own people
hostage so you can pursue your
personal faith is beyond madness.
If you are on the right side and
things are working fine people will
follow you. But once things obviously
work in the wrong direction and you
start using excessive violence to
bring your people back on the right
path. I guess something is totally
going wrong.

Bye Bye Castro and lets close this
human experiment disguised as
the religion of communism once
and for all.



Words Of Wisdom | Donít believe the Medi

2015-06-04 2:53:22

Donít believe the Media.

I did something which people would say is dangerous or crazy, but I did it anyway. To see the reactions. I drew Muhammed. Not in a provocative manner. I just drew Muhammed. I posted the image on my Facebook timeline. And guess what happened? I was expecting there might be some reactions. There might be some dislike and I could loose some friends since exactly half of my friends are Muslims.
But here is the stunning result. Nothing! No reactions at all.

My conclusion. Please donít believe the media anymore. They are running a campaign to create chaos and confusion just for the sake of generating money.

There is not a threat from the bad Muslims or whatever. It's a joke. We are all humans.

I don't deny there are extremists, but those are available in any ideology. Ever met a
radical vegan?

Nowadays our life is far more peaceful then ever. Multiculturalism has not failed. People all over the world enjoy new found liberties. Of course I am against any king of madness coming from the side of religions. But this is not limited to Islam. Just a few centuries back Christians burned older single women, because they were said to be witches. Jewish people see themselves as godís holy people and have no problem killing their Palestinian neighbors.
there is enough religious madness on a daily basis. This wonít disappear in a few days. I would still claim we should just focus on building our paradise here on planet earth. A heaven of reason and justice. enjoyable for everybody. Just because the media can only sell bad news, they should be viewed as a failed business model.

I suggest have no fear. Do whatever you believe makes your and other peopleís lives better and allow others to do the same.

One Love!



Donít believe the Media.

2015-06-04 2:53:22

Donít believe the Media.

I did something which people would say is dangerous or crazy, but I did it anyway. To see the reactions. I drew Muhammed. N...>>>read & comment<<<


Election Day

2012-11-08 18:31:51

Today is Election Day in the US and I just took the time to add my 2 cents.
Again there is the choice between the 2 main partyís ca...>>read & comment<<<


Election Day

2012-11-08 18:31:51

Today is Election Day in the US and I just took the time to add my 2 cents.
Again there is the choice between the 2 main partyís candidates. One is the current president and one is the contender Romney. I think there is not much to say about Obama here. But I want to go into detail about Mitt Romney. Yes Romney. It took the Republicans 4 years to come up with a suitable candidate and all they found is this guy?
America is a country with many talented people so there was no better option than Mitt Romney? They had an unskilled President with G.W. Bush before, now they come up with a guy whose only accomplishment was cutting jobs at any company Bain Capital acquired? An optimizer, whoís job was to cut jobs. And this guy promises to bring back jobs. Just as the current president has already lied about? The jobs are not coming back. Not today, not tomorrow. An honest person would say the truth. Never. Of course people donít want to hear that. Read my previous piece about jobs >>here<<< to get the reasons why.

Reason 2. Romney is a Mormon. Mormons are religious fanatics. They donít appear so on the outside, but believe. I was a Mormon before. They are as tolerant as Shiite Muslims. In times as there are more religious fanatics appear on the stage of politics, this would be the wrong signal. Especially for the USA. The leading nation on this planet. We donít need more religious people in power, we need less. Romney is not just a member of the latter day saints. He is a former Bishop. Meaning a high ranking member who was the head of a Mormon regional Church. He went to the temple, passed through all ritual and swore an oath on the Churches principles. He also wears the Mormon undergarment, which he must wear all the times. He also agrees with the book of Mormon as the final word from god and he believes that god punishes bad people by giving them dark skin. He also believes that Native Americans are Lamanites, who were the followers of Laman their evil leader, who committed genocides on the good white skinned Nephites, who used to land in America long before Christopher Columbus rediscovered the continent. This is a man who has zero tolerance on black people, Native Americans, Latins and Asians. He will further bind education in America with religious views. And currently there is already too much of it in American education.

Even though Obama and also Romney work for the same lobbyists who pay for their campaigns and even promote them for taking office, the American people can only choose between these 2 evils.

Obama is no saint by donating the peopleís money to Wall Street. But it was Bush who wrote the first check. Obamaís failure here is that he enlisted especially Wall Street bankers to fill the seats. Those people are not doing jack for the American people. They at large make decisions based on what is good for Wall Street.

But if there is no real honesty and people are not pushing towards more transparency, these people can continue business as usual. What we also know the president is not the person in power. Itís those who sponsor the events and pay for the actors. But thatís another story.

We can just honestly say, the jobs are not coming back, and also it is not the president who can fix the economy. Itís still the economy itself that needs to do the job. The only things politicians can do about the economy are working on the framework, like creating a better infrastructure, ensure peace and stability, and provide education. If necessary do regulations. Everything else is in the hands of the economy itself. And itís just natural. If American products are not competitive enough, when it comes to price and quality others will step in and sell their goods instead. Just as when GM were sleeping and foreign brands took the American car market. Since there is global business anyone is allowed to sell anywhere.

The race is onÖ

Tomorrow we are smarterÖ


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