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Halal & Kosher

2010-08-28 14:18:26

I am somebody who eats in restaurants quite often. Even though I have some foods I favor and also there are a lot of foods that I don't eat I am generally not limiting myself to any type of food. As long as I like it I will eat. Since I'm a big fan of a lot of Turkish and Middle Eastern food I'm used to eat there quite frequent. I used to. Unless I discovered more and more places writing Islam or Muslim on their signboard. Now I start seeing all these halal labels as window stickers. It reminds me of Jewish restaurants with a kosher sticker in New York. So what's next? Segregated restaurants? Jews please go left? Christians to the right and Muslims use the room clearly heading towards Mecca. Atheists, yeah atheists to the basement. Since you are all going to hell and others feel uncomfortable about your presence. Downstairs please. Then we can also offer different table types, just in case visitors are Indian. Divide into different caste levels. Very soon problems will come up and Irish Catholics will beg to be as far away as possible from Protestants. Or Sunni and Shiite Muslims get against each others. And what to do with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses? Will they request their own food standards? And where do scientologists fit in? Do you smell chaos? I do! Does it make our lives better? I just see it brings back segregation like it was practiced in the US and South Africa. Only on a voluntary basis. My personal decision is to avoid those places. Whenever I see a halal or kosher label they shouldn't get my money.



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