Hard work pays off

2022-10-13 2:24:45

So here I am. I'm 44 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life.
How did I get here? It's not the gym it's not exercising. I have been
on the gym once since 3 month. It's all about understanding what
you are doing building strategies and being disciplined.
What I do is not magic. I just don't quit until I get to where I want to
get. I don't make excuses and I don't like shortcuts.
I actually never rest and I rarely take a day off. Now it's time for a
reintroduction, because I don't use social media. I also don't talk
a lot about what I'm actually doing. Many people know me maybe
from one stage of my life but not from the other. Maybe a lot has
happened in between.

All I can say, there is a lot of new stuff coming.
Black Bomb Clothing (New collection November 2022 / Amazon launch)
DJ Half Dead Soul Shows (Check out Lost Garden in Jiaxing China)
Asher Sommer Books (Book one will be published in December)



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