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I do not comply had my Instagram account

2021-11-03 17:05:05

I just started a new Instagram account last week. I added some sungazing pictures and some words about
happiness. Then I posted what you see as the title picture of this post. The reason why. Here in China now
you cannot even throw trash away without scanning a QR code. So I did write I do not comply. I guess the
same day Facebook changed the name to Meta, they didnít find my message funny.

I tried to login the next day. I was not able to log in. It was showing I violated their terms. A link was showing
below the message. After clicking they were showing me the terms which I supposedly violated.

ďYour account has been disabled for not following our terms. You wonít be able to log into this account and
no one else will be able to see it.
Some things we donít allow include artificially collecting likes, followers or shares, posting repetitive content
or repeatedly contacting people for commercial purposes without their consent.Ē
So here is my point. I did not follow anybody at that time and I myself had zero followers.
how does any of the above apply to me? I cannot collect likes with zero followers. I cannot contact people
for commercial purposes with zero followers. None of that applies here.

When dealing with facebook. They donít have a service center. They donít have a customer service hotline.
They donít reply to emails. The only way of communication they have are automated messages.

I do not comply and I mean it. Non compliance seems to be such a big deal for companies like facebook. Let
me tell you why. Itís the right to say ďNoĒ. The right to opt out. These big tech fascist companies are not
interesting to offer such an option. The only option they grant is to choose between different products of
theirs. The same for the terms of business. Either accept or specify details otherwise no way to negotiate.
This canít be called a choice. Matter of fact many of their services already become mandatory to use for our
daily life. My proposal, we the people should push these companies to comply with our human rights as well.
What is happening now is where the government meets the corporations. We saw this before in Nazi
Germany. The corporations provide the technology so that the government can solidify their power. The
question is why? As long as we live in democracies, we the people should have a final say, about what the
government is allowed to do and what not. Yet we are still too busy with entertainment, canít think straight
and numb our senses with whatever comes our way.

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