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2022-06-07 1:59:17
Hi Everybody,
The Shanghai lock down is over. I was personally not affected by the draconian measures. I live in the
neighboring city to Shanghai. Luckily our lock down was shorter. I strongly condemn lock down measures
and I will not shut my mouth that such measures are not used to combat any virus. They are used to
strengthen the government's use of violence. This is not limited to China. It is worldwide. There is no deadly
virus going on. If people can read statistics. The mortality is exactly the same as in every flu season. In
Shanghai this time there were zero death related to Covid. So this was just a ghost hunt. Sadly enough a lot
of old people died. In China it's the family who cares about the elderly. In this case a lot of people were
locked down into their buildings so nobody could reach them. They were unable to come downstairs to pick
the food deliveries from the government. So they died in their upstairs apartments.
Whenever such measures are in place they will not easily be rolled back. So beware of what powers your
grant your governments. The government does not own the people. We the people are supposed to won the
government. The politicians job is only to serve us.



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