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Here comes the heat

2022-07-13 1:16:11

Here comes the heat or better, The heat is on.
Tomorrow will be the hottest day this year. You might see on the header image that there are temperatures
showing of 41 degrees. Since this is China these values must be taken with a grain of salt. It is usually 2-3
degrees hotter than what is showing. Also when the government wants it to be colder or warmer, the
forecast will go according to government requirements and not to real values.
So we here are going to prepare for a super hot day. Also a super hot night. The nights have not been below
32 degrees since over 2 weeks. I personally love hot days. I still prefer the nights to be a lot colder. Actually
it's perfect with temperatures around 20-25 degrees as it is in Ghana. People in Africa don;t know how great
their climate is. I can only repeat myself. So i wish everybody a great summer. I will find a way to get
somewhere to a beach. I really need some water. Salt water :). I was told humans cannot drink salt water.
Since 3 years this is all I drink. Distilled water with sea salt.



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