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Reddit a political propaganda platform?

2022-07-15 12:39:40

I am on
Reddit now for around a few weeks. I already avoid Facebook, I am not on Twitter and I quit most social
media besides Instagram. I like Reddit, because they still encourage people to read and write, whereas
other platforms just live from people sharing memes and pictures of people they have never met in life. What
I dislike is the censorship and the rating systems Reddit has in place. This is already going the direction of
Chinese microblogs like Weibo.
there was a time when i really liked American social media because of it's openness and freedom towards
the users. Now it is becoming all politicized. This makes no sense. Everything becomes political. People
have politicized even public toilets. So what's next. Create more division by politicizing cereal breakfast or
lemonade? People where have we gone? You cannot even have a family sitting on a table anymore.
Everybody has those mobile distractions in their hands and each person lives in a completely different
universe. Of course division is good for business. When people all drift apart every person will consume a
different set of consumer goods. So within families, goods will no longer be reused and interchanged.
Everything will also only last a short time until it is becoming obsolete. And the trend will make sure you are
not lagging behind when a new product is released and you are now supposed to dump your older model.
Strangely it's the same people who tell you about saving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.
All this doesn't make sense. And it is platform like Reddit who spread such division. They also push
comments which will cause a lot of rage by visitors. I just unsubscribed from their newsletter, because this
political issue is exactly what they are pushing with this newsletter tool. I don't want to be hacked. I don't
want to be emotionalized. I don't want to take sides on topics that are not worth thinking about. All I want is
to live happy. Sungaze and write once in a while about topics I really find interesting.



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