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Update 2023-11-27 |

2023-11-27 2:46:23

We are going into December this year. A lot has happened and a lot has not happened.
This year I put in a lot of work running my company. Thing are doing extremely well.
So now it's time to make plans for 2024. So what is on the menue:
1. I'm working on a new collection for Black Bomb. This one is going to be the best ever.
3 steps up. And the last items were already very good.
2. I'm also working on a new Elmshorn collection. I'm looking for partners who want to
sell the items locally.
3. The book "Why I stopped thinking about racism" comes out as a print version
4. My second book is coming. "Not this Future"
5. A new bomb King Youtube channel is in the works. First I will upload all the old videos.
Then I will start with new projects as well. There will be a mirror Rumble account just in case.
6. In 2024 I will make a lot of trips around the world and maybe it's time to come home.
7. There are 2 more books to come. And I will publlish some new music. Maybe when I'm in
Las Vegas in February.
8. In 2024 after a 1 year break i will also return as DJ Half Dead Soul for doing shows in East China.
All my DJ salaries will be as usual donated to charities with a good cause.

Thanks for your support and the story continues.



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