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Flashback 2022 Quarantine Hotel

2023-12-05 2:31:20

This is what happened exactly 1 year ago. I was on my way back from a meeting in Shanghai, just a few
weeks after the insane lockdowns ended. by that time the PCR test was still required. When entering
Shanghai I told the serviceperson that i don;t do PCR tests and he let me pass. Just back in Jiaxing at the
exit of the highway, they stopped me and required a Covid Test. I already kew most of the workers there, so
all of them remembered that i don't take Covid tests. Just one overambitious woman came across and she
insisted that if i don't take a test I will infect the entire city. It was already cold. It was end of November and
the oputside temperature was 8 degrees celsius. I was wwearing a T-shirt as usual. I asked them seriously. if
i were sick, could I walk around in a summer outfit? They kept me waiting. I waited and stood outside for 2
hours. Then they told me I should move to the police station. I told them no problem. They told me to follow
a car. The driver was wearing a hazmat suit. Instead of taking ne to the police station he lead me to a
quarantine hotel. I know this place because it's nearby my apartment. Once arriving, i told the person I'm not
doing any quarantine. So the man said I must. I just jumped back into my car. My passport was still with that
Long story short. I was fugitive for a week. I was blacklisted in several places so it was a hide and seek
game. Just a week later on December 6th. China dropped all Covid measures. And everybody acted as if
nothing happened.
Now one year later I walked by the quarantine hotel. They had great business during Covid. Some people
were forced to stay there for 2-3 weeks. They had to pay from their own pockets. After Covid, their business
was not so successful anymore. I guess people would only stay inside that place if they were forced to
reside there. So this week I finally saw their business was closed and the property is available for rent.
As a freedom fighter and free thinker. You can only apply force for a certain amount of time. If you apply
force make sure it is reasonable. Otherwise no matter how well you are prepared. Be sure the moment will
come and what you did will fire back on you. Covid was the biggest scam in history. The flu season was sold
to the people as a pandemic, so pharmaceutical companies could make money by selling poison, which
later will result in selling further treatments. As long as people don't think this will always happen. Still it will
backfire even more at those who caused these problems.



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