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Ghana 2012

2012-09-04 01:28:16

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Heyy whats up everybody. Holiday season is officially over. Back to school, back to work.
So I think it s the best time to share my photos with you we shot in Ghana. We stayed from August 1st to August 14th. The main reason was to attend my grandfathers (J.C.Akosa) 20th anniversary after his death and finishing construction on my fathers grave site, since its also 1 year already. In between Penny and I went to the northern parts of Ghana in the search of some Hippos in Bui National Park. An amazing trip in a whole new world. Travelling all the way by bus and by Trotro (Ghanas inofficial public transport system :) ). Finding ourselves running through a jungle with very muddy soil. Just the hippos weren t around. Still amazing. After that we had a great time with our family. Special thanks to all Akosas who attended. We meet again in 2017 for the 25th.



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