Ashblog | I'm a free man

Since I have left Germany there has been an arrest warrant out for me for about 9 years. Now that the case has been time barred, I'm finally a free man.

Ashblog | Heaven

I think heaven is one of the most stupid concepts ever. Tnere is no such thing as a heaven for everybody. It's always something coming from a very subjective view.

USA 2016 Trip

Penny and I on a coast to coast roadtrip through the US. We srated from Los Angeles to Miami and back to San Diego within just few days. Enjoy the trip with us by watching this video.

Ashblog | Socialism - Communism in a 5 minute breakdown

People who know me well know I am an Atheist and at the same time I consider failed political concepts such as Socialism and Communism in the same light as a religion. Here in this videos I'm showing some of those parallels.


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