Midsummer 2019

2019-06-26 9:35:23

hi everybody, we had a great trip to the north of China for midsummer this year Located at the border to Russia we went to Mohe and to Beijicun, the northernmost village and town in China respectively. The place is on the same latitude as northern Germany. Since we are now having the Monsoon rains in East China, it was a welcome change of location. Especially since we have been in an environment where the day and night has equal length for most of the year, we were able to experience sunlight until late evening hours. my original plan was to go on further into Russia, but due to long waiting time for Visas, we had to limit our trip to China. A best of video will be online soon on my youtube channel.


Back from India

2019-03-24 11:10:33

Hi everybody, Iím back to China after an almost 2 month stay in India. Probably one of the most difficult times I have ever faced in my career. Fortunately the whole thing came to an end. The results could have been far better, but they could have also been far worse. So let it be. I stayed in a place called Tirupur in the state of Tamil Nadu. The area is well known for T-shirt production. And T-shirts were exactly what I have been doing there. Generally the place is very good to do business, but what we all just get to know in the process, is if your agent is a good one or a bad one. Generally the agents are trying to get as many orders as possible. But in most situations they need to plan their orders well and they need to have enough factories that can do the job. Here the agent just took any order he could get and squeezed them into his production. This resulted into a lot of delays and even production problems. In the end nothing goes according to plans. A shortcut is used to finish the goods, and once you are in this business for over 20 years you understand there is no such thing as a shortcut. The shortcut leads to rejected good, the rejected goods lead to less turnover and then the domino effect kicks in. Story short. 1st order was messed up. Second order needed to be saved. Before the goods were ready to ship I stayed there during each step of production making sure nothing goes wrong. No matter whatnhappens, the customer comes first. He paid for what he expected so he needs to receive the goods in the best possible condition.



2019-02-02 16:26:14

Once your calculator APP starts sending news, requests to use your GPS and read your contacts it's really over.
Time to go back to old Nokia phones. Only switch on the dumbphone when it's an emergency.


Bye Bye Bush

2018-12-01 10:24:21

The probably worst criminal in history.
He left without serving a single day in jail.

I'm not going to loose any bad words here.
Just do your own research before the
media comes in full force and raises the
worst war criminal in modern history to
Saint status. This man was pulling the
strings behind world politics for close
to 60 years. No further comments.

Lets hope for a better world without him.


German Unity Day

2018-10-04 14:34:46

I should have written this yesterday, but I make it today. On the day of German Unity I want to dedicate this to all my eastern German friends. There was a time i was speaking badly about eastern Germany and I want to use this media here to make an apology. 20 years ago I automatically called all eastern Germans racist and ignorant. I even refused to speak to many. I was very stubborn in my belief and I ignored voices of friends who told me I'm going too far. of course this also comes from a series of bad experiences i have made over the past with incidents of racists who were threatening me or my family for our lives.
What I didn't understand was, that they were shielded from the world for many years. They did not make the same experiences which most people made in the west and it took some time in China for me to understand why they generally
lean to the right politically. First of all they are our brother's and sisters. They are from the same country.
What they experienced and we didn't is a system of communism. Communism is the most inhumane system in the world. I don;t want to argue otherwise. Communism is fascism and only party members benefit from the system. individualism and your personal dreams have no place in it. What the government says is the truth and whatever else you think is the truth. The people of eastern Germany stood strong against oppression. Against a totalitarian system and won. They broke through the wall. We in the west never had such a challenge, because we enjoyed a much better political environment. While the easterners were struggling in coal mines for no pay, we in the west had it all. Still it was them to get adapted to our lifestyle and they also brought a lot of skepticism to our political system. Nowadays more then ever politics has shifted to an oppressive system which wants to control thought and opinion. Censorship and media control are just a few hints in this direction. We have orchestrated incidents of alleged terrorism. And the government has opened the borders for the sake of making a couple of more arms deals in unstable countries. To be critical of all this doesn't make you a bad person. We should better watch who is there to divide us into different political camps. Who profits when Germans and German foreigners are separated. East and West and most significantly Man and Woman. It's not about your own tribe. Look at what happens, when everything becomes politicized. I was lucky to live in post Deng Xiao Ping's China. I would argue a national socialist nation, where the government worked hard on improving the life of their citizens. Where the people worked hard and were able to build a better future for themselves. The last thing people want here is to go back to old communism. I was able to see why. To cut a long story short. No matter what the situation is like. Talk to the people on the other side. Don't block the contact. Look for dialogue over partisanship. And please don't believe the hype on the media, who are just there to cause separation.

One Luv.


My switch to raw foods

2018-05-20 13:28:35

I made this a trial at the beginning of this year and it works very well so far. I thought about this some time ago, when I quit eating cooked vegetables. I think nothing beats the flavor of some fresh cucumber or tomato. So why would we want to destroy it by cooking. It does not make any sense to me. We also donít cook fruits like apples or oranges. Of course a lot of vegetables are not digestible if they are uncooked. But maybe we should not eat those anyway? Once we cook our food there are several factors we need to think about. First with increased heat, very likely to go beyond the boiling point of water, there are a lot of chemical reactions taking place.
Chemical reactions always have byproducts. Then another factor is the material of the cooking container. Donít think that the material of a frying pan like Teflon does not go into a chemical reaction with the fried food. We already know that frying changes vegetable oil into trans fatty acids. Every kind of oil has a different burning point. So it is very likely cooked or fried food will also contain many of these trans fatty acids, which the body cannot use. Then there is the water. Most people use Tap water. Despite governments are making claims tap water is totally safe, the opposite is true. I will make this another topic on this website soon to show what is remaining after the water distillation process. Also these chemicals are added to the mix and they are becoming part of a very dirty chemical reaction which is in cooking.
When I quit eating carbohydrates and all kinds of processed foods I lost around 15 Kilos. I went down from 83 kilos to 68 kilos.
Showing ,that carbohydrates, are a big factor in malnutrition. After that I cut out all cooked vegetables and I lost another 3 kilos and a lot of belly fat. After seeing this I started thinking.
I really started thinking. Why do we burn our food?
Science claims it kills bacteria. This is something I could debunk much earlier. As long as we take an adequate amount of whole salt, like sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, we have enough stomach acid and can digest almost anything. Just make sure to never drink during eating or take soup.
Most people didnít learn that we need to make more stomach acid. The only way to make hydrochloric acid is through salt. When people get heartburn or acid reflux it has nothing to do with their body producing too much acid, itís actually the opposite. I will later write about it in a special about Himalayan salt. Just for the record. Once I repaired my digestion I have never suffered from a cold again. I also hardly get diarrhea and food poisoning is impossible. Even in India or Ghana I was eating vegetables and eggs I bought in the streets without washing them. There is no problem at all. It is rather recommended to burn the food because a majority of people eats sugars and carbs, so since sugars feed bacteria it makes them more aggressive so an infection is far more likely. This is why viruses have it very easy to cause an epidemic.
For my part I know as long as I donít consume sugar and take an adequate amount of salt I can eat everything raw.

Especially when it comes to absorbtion of nutrients, raw food is always much better. Especially when it comes to meat and eggs. Once cooked, depending on the duration of the cooking there can be up to 60% of all nutrients lost into the cooking water. So we produce all this meat and or vegetables and we cook it unusable? Then we get only a fraction of what our body needs?
In many countries where we have the healthiest people. Especially in Japan, people consume most of the meat raw. They donít boil eggs and even horse meat will be served raw. I visited Japan several times and I was quite impressed. I usually donít eat any fish, but once trying sashimi I was blown away. It felt very delicious. After eating an all raw meal I didnít feel gassy or bloated. I was also not tired after eating, so something should be right about it.
Why do we eat if it makes us tired? Any logic? If it makes us bloated? I began researching. In literature you find many voices against consuming raw meat. You have the Jewish influence in science who condemn any use of bloody meat. As usual, when it comes to Jewish dominated science. Itís rather religious motives which are served with cherry picked facts. Other Muslim researchers will condemn eating raw pork as unclean but give raw beef a pass. On the other hand. ďMettĒ is a very common food in Germany which is usually eaten raw. It is shredded pork. So most of those claims are far-fetched. All over the world there are raw meat dishes existing. They are just not being favored by the medical industry. Iím now in a trial phase where I just eat raw beef and raw vegetables. I must say my health improved greatly. Especially after trying raw animal fat. But again this is another story. For now I just want to announce Iím switching entirely to raw food. The only exception is when I eat out with friends. Apart from that I will not let anyone burn my food. In Nature there is no animal which cookes their food. Why would we do it?


I retire from politics

2017-12-27 16:35:01

With this statement I'm retiring from politics. I don't subscribe or follow anymore. No matter what is going on there will always be groups on top and others on the bottom. The pyramid has nothing to do with the Freemasons or the Zionists. There would always be a group on top and a majority on the bottom. We have seen it in capitalism, communism and in monarchy. It's always the same. The only thing we can do is to be successful ourselves. Make the best out of our lives and don't fall for all the traps society sets up for you. When making decisions I make the decision towards freedom. There is never anything wrong with freedom, but we must acknowledge that freedom incorporates responsibility.
I don't subscribe to political parties anymore. I don't subscribe to race, religion, ideology or tribalism.
I'm just me myself. I love the people who love me and I dislike the people who hate me or the people I love. I know there is no way of being the good guy at all times. So I just do what it takes to be successful. Whoever supported me and put trust in me shall benefit and those who put stones in my way they should go their way. I'm not angry ant anybody or anything that happens. Those are all events with overlap and there is always a chance you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. As much as you will also find yourself in beneficial situations. Life balances itself out. It's all electrical with a flow between a plus and minus pole. Enjoy the trip, a lot of choices are yours. Not all. We must accept that. The amount of choices we have are still enough to set an amazing course in the known universe.


Happy Holidays

2017-12-24 13:45:17

I wish all of you some happy holidays. Enjoy a good time with friends and family and/or party like Santa in the latest video. I wish everybody a great time. Enjoying is a part of life, which we should never neglect. Life canít be that hard that you canít enjoy at the same time. So lets all celebrate life and meet again when it is 2018. Cheers. Asher.


In Memory of Mr. Shunsheng Yang

2017-11-28 19:04:24

I want to pay my final respect to my grandfather in law Yang Shunsheng. He died last month at the age of 90years at his home in Yixing China. While he passed most of the family members were present. Mr. Yang was my wifeís maternal grandfather. Since he and his wife had many children, it somehow kept the family together. So for every holiday, there would be a big gathering at the yang family house. Something which is quite common in China, but has also become far less enjoyable after the introduction of the one child policy.
I joined the family 10 years ago when Penny brought me to her hometown just days after I moved to China. At that time I did not speak a word of Chinese and all I was told I must have a drink with her uncles. I just came from 8 years of total abstinence from alcohol and I learned before Chinese cannot drink. Haha. Wrong information. Starting from this occasion I became a full family member. Mr. Yang and the entire family always made me feel welcome over all these years. I remember when I would just sit outside with Pennyís grandparents and they would say things in their local dialect which penny needed to help me by translating. When we bought our car we took Penny's grandparents for a trip to Shanghai. Iím very thankful for the great time. I also think Mr. Yang was a very rich person even though he lived in the countryside for all his life. We pursue so many unimportant things in life. We act as if the modern lifestyle is really an improvement, just because we have been brainwashed into it. This man became 90 years old without a western lifestyle. His age in the countryside was not extraordinary. The life expectancy there is between 80 and 90 years old. The people eat what they grow by themselves. They are not kept in hospitals or elderly homes where they will die a lonely death. This is why I consider Mr. Yang as a very rich man.

Rest in Peace


Last night in Shanghai

2017-11-19 17:14:15

Last night on a highway back to Shanghai. 2am driving 120km/h. I see the police on the emergency lane and 2 towing cars behind. Then I hear a bang as if I hit a pothole and I thought let me better move to the side. I stopped the car and checked. My front left tire is flat. Since the police was just 80m behind me, I just went to tell them there must be something on the road. seems like there has been an accident and a truck lost some cargo. Some very sharp items. Unfortunately it has not been cleared away properly. While I talk to the police another car hat their tires smashed. So as I'm back to my car to change the tires. the policeman tells me that the other tires are also flat....
Fast forwerd. The next towing car was mine. Once they loaded my car, they found out the towing car's tire is also flat.


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