Asher Sommer is a multitalented artist and businessman.
A trendsetter and a visionary. Always ready to go to break new grounds,
even if it means going where no man has gone before.

With roots in Europe and Africa, Germany and Ghana respectively.
Having travelled and lived all over the world to his current life in China,
Asher is a person you can definitely call global.
Starting his journey from Elmshorn Germany as a comic book designer,
who after an unsuccessful meeting with
Marvel Comics in New York found his second love in designing fashion.
Inspired by the extravagant Hip-Hop fashion style of then
fashion icons like Karl Kani, Asher started his own clothing label in 1997.

"Black Bomb".
He made it a nationwide success in Germany within only 4 years,
being the 1st and only African German fashion designer at that time.

Here are some other facts about Asher Sommer:

- He co-founded the Bomb King Crew, a successful DJ team and party crew.
- He founded Bomb King Entertainment
Where he produced music by Blaster and Half Dead Soul.
- He was the co-founder of Uptown Styleshop in Elmshorn Germany.
- He was an unofficial member of the "Brother's Keepers", a super group of African German musicians.
- He co-founded Next-Level Garments (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd., a clothing manufacturing company in China.
- He founded the "African Atheists" group on Facebook, which now has ten thousands of members.
- He is the co-creator of Wapi.com, an events website in Kenya.
- He is the owner of Next-Level Trading a trading company in China
- He is also known as DJ Half Dead Soul in Zhejiang China.
- He is part of the Akosa family, one of the largest families in West Africa.
- He is the author of the book "Why I Stopped Thinking About Racism".
- He is the webmaster of several business websites.
- He speaks German, English and Chinese fluently. He is also able to write code in web languages as html, php, css, javascript.
- He is an active sungazer.

- There are many more project Asher was involved in, which we cannot display here.

Do it yourself. And do something new. Don't copy, do you.

This site is the more political and philosophical side of Asher.
There is too much negativity in our everyday lives.
As a true revolutionary against all kinds of
ideologies and other insanities, Asher just likes to speak his mind
and share some gold with you, his readers.
It's time we as humans go in a new direction. Knowledge and
understanding are the key as well as uncorrupted science and technology.
All this, paired with a good dose of self confidence, anything goes.
I'm primarily here to inspire. And I hope you will be…



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I do not support censorship.

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I just don't have access to
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