Salt and Water

2017-09-08 11:34:27

This is something I would like to share with friends and family.
Most people know that I have not had any flu for 2 years
until some time in spring of this year (2017) I had a mild flu.
I was using MMS to combat the flu before it even started,
I just got lazy with the routine. Then in March I began rethinking
the way we take minerals. I watched a video in which the author
stated that we humans consist of 80% water, but these 80% are
salt water. It has to have the same minerals as sea water. We
basically carry our own sea with us in our cells. This immediately
made sense to me. I was raised on a farm and I vividly remember
how we raised animals. I remember we had licking stones for
our horses. Using these salt stones a horse was able to live longer
and it could sustain a life without major disease.
I further checked on studies what happens with animals if you
feed them table salt, which just consists of 2 minerals.
Sodium and Chloride. Sea Salt contains 90 more minerals.
If you feed a rabbit with table salt it will die within hours.
The bigger the animal the slower the process. Real salt is an
important factor to restore vitality. Without it all the cells will
slowly loose their power and we would slightly dry out.
Whenever the body processes water there is salt necessary
for transporting it outside. During urinating or sweating the
body always looses salt. Basically the body needs sodium and
chloride to do this job. For digestion the body also needs lots
of chloride. Stomach acid consists of hydrochloric acid. This
acid also comes from the salt. If you're low on salt, stomach
problems easily come with it. Plus the digestion is not fully
extracting all the nutrients from the food.
Most important are the minerals. Those are the construction
blocks for our body. If we want full functionality our bodies are
better to be loaded with minerals. I did a lot of supplementation
before, but I had the problem, when I supplemented one mineral
the effect was great for 2 month, then I seemed to become
depleted in another mineral which was the co factor of the first
one. So I thought in order to get a perfect supply I should try
Himalayan sea salt. This is the same pink salt as the animals get
on their licking stone. While when taking table salt an amount of
5 grams can be deadly I took as much as seven grams the first week.
I then step by step refilled the body. The effect was amazing. All
my energy increased and also my skin all over the body became
totally refreshed. I'm usiing something else for that effect,
but generally my whole body is much healther.
I also take the salt together with sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the
body. These two together work like a miracle. I have not been
getting any type of infection anymore. No colds, no flu no
stomach irritation. I even quit using MMS. I'm not sure how it
would be if I still consumed any sugars. I totally abandon sugar so
viruses will not get an extra supply from the food I eat.
Now 6 months have passed and i ate 1 pound of salt every month.
No high blood pressure no side effects. Just an overall perfect health.



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