In Memory of Mr. Shunsheng Yang

2017-11-28 19:04:24

I want to pay my final respect to my grandfather in law Yang Shunsheng. He died last month at the age of 90years at his home in Yixing China. While he passed most of the family members were present. Mr. Yang was my wifeís maternal grandfather. Since he and his wife had many children, it somehow kept the family together. So for every holiday, there would be a big gathering at the yang family house. Something which is quite common in China, but has also become far less enjoyable after the introduction of the one child policy.
I joined the family 10 years ago when Penny brought me to her hometown just days after I moved to China. At that time I did not speak a word of Chinese and all I was told I must have a drink with her uncles. I just came from 8 years of total abstinence from alcohol and I learned before Chinese cannot drink. Haha. Wrong information. Starting from this occasion I became a full family member. Mr. Yang and the entire family always made me feel welcome over all these years. I remember when I would just sit outside with Pennyís grandparents and they would say things in their local dialect which penny needed to help me by translating. When we bought our car we took Penny's grandparents for a trip to Shanghai. Iím very thankful for the great time. I also think Mr. Yang was a very rich person even though he lived in the countryside for all his life. We pursue so many unimportant things in life. We act as if the modern lifestyle is really an improvement, just because we have been brainwashed into it. This man became 90 years old without a western lifestyle. His age in the countryside was not extraordinary. The life expectancy there is between 80 and 90 years old. The people eat what they grow by themselves. They are not kept in hospitals or elderly homes where they will die a lonely death. This is why I consider Mr. Yang as a very rich man.

Rest in Peace



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