My switch to raw foods

2018-05-20 13:28:35

I made this a trial at the beginning of this year and it works very well so far. I thought about this some time ago, when I quit eating cooked vegetables. I think nothing beats the flavor of some fresh cucumber or tomato. So why would we want to destroy it by cooking. It does not make any sense to me. We also donít cook fruits like apples or oranges. Of course a lot of vegetables are not digestible if they are uncooked. But maybe we should not eat those anyway? Once we cook our food there are several factors we need to think about. First with increased heat, very likely to go beyond the boiling point of water, there are a lot of chemical reactions taking place.
Chemical reactions always have byproducts. Then another factor is the material of the cooking container. Donít think that the material of a frying pan like Teflon does not go into a chemical reaction with the fried food. We already know that frying changes vegetable oil into trans fatty acids. Every kind of oil has a different burning point. So it is very likely cooked or fried food will also contain many of these trans fatty acids, which the body cannot use. Then there is the water. Most people use Tap water. Despite governments are making claims tap water is totally safe, the opposite is true. I will make this another topic on this website soon to show what is remaining after the water distillation process. Also these chemicals are added to the mix and they are becoming part of a very dirty chemical reaction which is in cooking.
When I quit eating carbohydrates and all kinds of processed foods I lost around 15 Kilos. I went down from 83 kilos to 68 kilos.
Showing ,that carbohydrates, are a big factor in malnutrition. After that I cut out all cooked vegetables and I lost another 3 kilos and a lot of belly fat. After seeing this I started thinking.
I really started thinking. Why do we burn our food?
Science claims it kills bacteria. This is something I could debunk much earlier. As long as we take an adequate amount of whole salt, like sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, we have enough stomach acid and can digest almost anything. Just make sure to never drink during eating or take soup.
Most people didnít learn that we need to make more stomach acid. The only way to make hydrochloric acid is through salt. When people get heartburn or acid reflux it has nothing to do with their body producing too much acid, itís actually the opposite. I will later write about it in a special about Himalayan salt. Just for the record. Once I repaired my digestion I have never suffered from a cold again. I also hardly get diarrhea and food poisoning is impossible. Even in India or Ghana I was eating vegetables and eggs I bought in the streets without washing them. There is no problem at all. It is rather recommended to burn the food because a majority of people eats sugars and carbs, so since sugars feed bacteria it makes them more aggressive so an infection is far more likely. This is why viruses have it very easy to cause an epidemic.
For my part I know as long as I donít consume sugar and take an adequate amount of salt I can eat everything raw.

Especially when it comes to absorbtion of nutrients, raw food is always much better. Especially when it comes to meat and eggs. Once cooked, depending on the duration of the cooking there can be up to 60% of all nutrients lost into the cooking water. So we produce all this meat and or vegetables and we cook it unusable? Then we get only a fraction of what our body needs?
In many countries where we have the healthiest people. Especially in Japan, people consume most of the meat raw. They donít boil eggs and even horse meat will be served raw. I visited Japan several times and I was quite impressed. I usually donít eat any fish, but once trying sashimi I was blown away. It felt very delicious. After eating an all raw meal I didnít feel gassy or bloated. I was also not tired after eating, so something should be right about it.
Why do we eat if it makes us tired? Any logic? If it makes us bloated? I began researching. In literature you find many voices against consuming raw meat. You have the Jewish influence in science who condemn any use of bloody meat. As usual, when it comes to Jewish dominated science. Itís rather religious motives which are served with cherry picked facts. Other Muslim researchers will condemn eating raw pork as unclean but give raw beef a pass. On the other hand. ďMettĒ is a very common food in Germany which is usually eaten raw. It is shredded pork. So most of those claims are far-fetched. All over the world there are raw meat dishes existing. They are just not being favored by the medical industry. Iím now in a trial phase where I just eat raw beef and raw vegetables. I must say my health improved greatly. Especially after trying raw animal fat. But again this is another story. For now I just want to announce Iím switching entirely to raw food. The only exception is when I eat out with friends. Apart from that I will not let anyone burn my food. In Nature there is no animal which cookes their food. Why would we do it?



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