When will the measures end?

2022-03-17 2:01:49

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Does anybody truly believe that the governments will remove all security measures anytime? Does anybody
remember the war on terror? Shouldn’t just after Bin Laden was killed all the travel restrictions have been
removed? The security checks reduced to the levels prior to where they were before 2001. Why is it that
once a problem is being created. There will be an entire industry built around that problem. More and more
funds are being made available, so that in the end the operation only expands. While its existence should
be originally reduced to the time frame as long as the problem is serious? Shouldn’t it be the target to any
task force to only run as long as the problem persists, then shut down once the problem has been solved?
So let’s take the war on cancer. The mission is clear. End cancer, prevent untimely death. So there will be a
task force. Making estimates how much it will cost the tax payer to successfully end the problem and then;
go! Fight the problem, rid humanity of the disease, then dismantle the organization, or work on the next
problem. This unfortunately never happens. In reality it works like this. The task force is being set up. They
will come up with a budget which of course is too small. They will start operating, then ask for more funds.
Since the problem still persists, they will be granted the funding. Then they will connect to as many
industries as possible that can also profit from it. Then ask for more taxpayer’s money. Then ask for another
round of money, the educational system will make the problem look more complicated, they will get their cut.
The media on the promise of more advertising money will also collaborate. Ask for funds and donations.
Quickly an entire industry is being set up and they all get used to the inflow of money.
Then my next question is. How much interest from all sides of the participants fighting the problem is there
to really find a cure, while when by not finding anything at least their pensions are safe to use some mild
terms? Think about it. Then think about for how many other key problems in our life does the same method



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