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Published on reddit: 05.07.2022
So we are right now in a new era of insanity. We enter a realm, where victim hood is the holy grail and where
all logic needs to be pushed aside when certain groups get their free pass to claim whatever they want. If
you criticize any of these, you will be lynched on the spot by overall cancellation.
If you are just a follower of this trend you have the ability to express your worst attitudes towards the
outcasts who are collectively banished. All you need to do is to get on the right side of popular opinion. Lean
back and whenever you see somebody who is not following what is trendy. Go and get your mob ready and
you will be forgiven when you kick and beat them There are no morals, no ethics. It only matters that you
are on the trendy side of things. Don;t research by yourself. You have corporate and government
propaganda, thrown at you via some paid influencers. Just do as they say and you will be fine. If you have
doubts? No problem, we have already censored everybody on the internet who might be raising questions.
You 100% will not get a guilty conscious. And if so. by the end of 2030 we will have a brain chip to deal with
that too. Just follow the science.
we tell you how many genders there are. Whoever hasn't gotten the memo, you are allowed to attack.
how about setting them on fire? The the corporations don't need to do it. They just pay one of your guys and
then you all do what this person is saying. So today we will demonstrate for the climate. Tomorrow it's the
blacks. The day after we fight against animal cruelty. One day we might even fight your family members. If
they fall into an enemy category, just don;t worry, you will notice early and you have enough time to cancel
them in advance. You help us to conquer the world and your reward is you will own nothing and you will be
happy. We are stressing you will own nothing. We will own everything else, but hey, in socialism, the
revolutionary will in the end become the kings and the soldiers will become slaves. We own all the weapons,
while you will have no rights. This is why our system is much more steady. Don't dare to stand up, the mob
will still believe our lies.



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