7 Years in China

2014-02-19 03:56:33

Since yesterday I'm 7 years in China.

I want to take this chance to say thanks.

Thanks to all friends from Germany, Ghana and US who didn't forget me.
Who kept the contact and friendship alive even though I'm
in a totally different timezone. You know who I mean and
I love you for that.

Thanks to all Black Bomb maniacs. For keep wearing Black Bomb!
You are the greatest people on earth! This means a lot to me
seeing my dream still around, keeping me motivated to continue.

Thanks to all my family in Ghana. You guys always have me in your heart so do I have you in mine.

Thanks to all my friends who came the long way to China to come
and see me here in Shanghai. Awesome!!! Daniel 3x (record)

Thanks to my wife for inspiring me to make this move. Without you
I probably wouldn't have made the move permanently.
Thank you for your patience and understanding and for all the help.
By looking back. It must have been very difficult to handle a foreigner
who came with absolutely nothing. Love you for that.

Thanks to Sedat Müstak for being my friend who is down with whatever
crazy idea I have.

Thanks to my friends in NY, especially Leon for not forgetting me after 15 years I have not been there.

Thanks to those 2 crooked cops who tortured me in my own shop. Dragging me handcuffed on my knees through the main shopping street in my hometown at noon. Thank you guys!!! Without you my life would be
totally different! Tiedemann und Derdak!!! Elmshorn City Police.

Thanks to the whole China. Thanks for letting me do me. Thanks for
the chances I was able to take here and the goals I was able to achieve.
And thanks for not reminding me of my skin color. The greatest advantage
of being here.

If I didn't mention you still feel loved!!!

Greatest thanks to the almighty creator. Not god! My father Hans Christian Sommer for making this awesome life happen. U are not here anymore
but there is no day I don't have you in my thoughts.

7 years amazing!



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