Words Of Wisdom | Tooth Ache

2017-05-31 1:10:31

Just for the record. If you do not consume any sugar, carbohydrates, fruits or grains. There is no reason to worry about toothache. By eating carbs you feed the bacteria. If you do not consume any the bacteria only gets as much food they need to barely survive. This is why animals living in nature don't need a dentist. I'm not eating any of these things for more than 2 years and I can attest I would probably not even need to brush my teeth. i did not have any toothache since.


Tired of politics

2017-03-14 7:57:59

I'm somehow tired of politics. Elections are just a popularity contest for people who suffer from advanced attention deficit.
Once elected it's politics as usual. Those guys who act as if they care are the same guys making arms deals once they show us another soccer tournament. Later we can watch in the news that there is a threat from terror group XYZ. And of course they are the biggest threat ever and we all need to fear for our safety. What's next. New laws to further contain people's freedoms. I'm writing here from China, where internet security is already on an advanced level. But the same as for the arms race. It's not Chinese who developed these techniques. The suppliers for internet censorship software are all from the United States. It's only a test run. Once the test are over it will run worldwide. This is why all politicians already push for more surveillance. because there is a threat. They produce those ISIS clips in Hollywood so people believe there are dangerous people who want to take their freedoms. Honestly climbing stairs or the common cold are far more dangerous threats than ISIS. Yes they show terror attacks. There were people running Amok before. They just never made it into the news. Now anybody running amok is automatically connected to terrorism. While the real terrorists don't wear beards and wave ISIS flags. They rather wear suit and tie, attend political and corporate meetings and are well connected through their investments.

Don't believe the hype and question everything.

Challenge the system.

Democracy does not mean that a small group of egomaniacs use the people as their slaves. Democracy means that the politicians are supposed to serve the people. Not the people the politicians. They keep you busy by using the media.
So you believe they are doing their jobs.



2013-05-03 19:16:01

Hey guys, tomorrow is halftime.1 more day and Iím 35 years old.
Why halftime? Because I decided a long time ago why should I become
Older than 70 years old, if for the last years my body is just degenerating.

I make this decision given that we havenít reached ďThe SingularityĒ yet.
A time when advanced technology is available which makes death no more
mandatory, rather optional.
Or that I might not have the means to make use of advanced life extending
technologies, so in this case death will be unavoidable.

This is just my personal opinion. I donít want to offend anybody who
has a different idea. This is just me. I just like to set my own limits.
Set my own time. And I donít want to end unexpectedly. I think I should
have the ability to make my own choice here.

So 04-05-2048 is my official expiry date. Unless life can be extended by
another minimum 50 years, without looking old or suffering from severe
body restrictions. I also have no problem with a transition to a mechanical
life form. But I keep that optional. I need to be able to enjoy that lifestyle.

Anyway, I have 35 years left. So just relax.



Happy New Year

2009-12-25 04:50:26

Happy Celebration y'all and a happy New Year. I was a bit busy for some weeks. Now that most of the jobs are done I need to take some time to post some new pics. A lot of stuff is already queueing.



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