Amazon is a fraudulent business. Time to

2022-12-22 0:49:09

As posted on reddit:

Selling on #Amazon does not come for free. Amazon Seller Central Charges a monthly fee of 39.90$. I
signed up with Amazon in February 2022. It took until May until I was able to upload products. When I then
went back in September to add more products, because i had to buy EAN Barcodes my account didn't allow
me to add more items. I then contacted their system. The responses via their AI system did not solve my
problems. I then required a human. I already had the same issue when signing up. it took me 2 months in
February to be able to speak to a human. In September this did not work. They were showing answers
written by a human. But this was the typical Indian service center workers just copying and pasting their
templated messages. That is just as helpful as the AI.
We now have December. Before the year ends I wanted to close the case. I have been calling Amazon
numerous times. They do not even have a phone number for their sellers.
I see this as a trend with all these World Economic Forum owned Fiat multi billionaire businesses.
They are all fully automated and they do not offer any service.
Fellow WEF companies are Google and Facebook/Meta. Try to get anybody on the phone at Instagram for
After calling Amazon for a last time today, I was told that Amazon is only reachable through their P.O. Box.
So they want to force the whole world to go digital, at the same time their mail system runs analog. It's just
insane that the average people don;t like to think about such things.
My conclusion. I will not sell on Amazon again. They stole my money and did not even reply my requests. It's
time to focus on companies who offer a great service instead.

#Amazon #Fraud #Automation #AI #Bigtech


Back from India

2019-03-24 11:10:33

Hi everybody, Iím back to China after an almost 2 month stay in India. Probably one of the most difficult times I have ever faced in my career. Fortunately the whole thing came to an end. The results could have been far better, but they could have also been far worse. So let it be. I stayed in a place called Tirupur in the state of Tamil Nadu. The area is well known for T-shirt production. And T-shirts were exactly what I have been doing there. Generally the place is very good to do business, but what we all just get to know in the process, is if your agent is a good one or a bad one. Generally the agents are trying to get as many orders as possible. But in most situations they need to plan their orders well and they need to have enough factories that can do the job. Here the agent just took any order he could get and squeezed them into his production. This resulted into a lot of delays and even production problems. In the end nothing goes according to plans. A shortcut is used to finish the goods, and once you are in this business for over 20 years you understand there is no such thing as a shortcut. The shortcut leads to rejected good, the rejected goods lead to less turnover and then the domino effect kicks in. Story short. 1st order was messed up. Second order needed to be saved. Before the goods were ready to ship I stayed there during each step of production making sure nothing goes wrong. No matter whatnhappens, the customer comes first. He paid for what he expected so he needs to receive the goods in the best possible condition.


Next projects

2017-03-26 18:59:17

Working like a crazy horse these days, but hey. There is a lot coming out these days. Black Bomb Spring Summer collection. Go and get a Kumasi shirt. That is what's hot this summer.
Next up we have the new Blaster Release. All independent, no guests no features and nice music by Half Dead Soul.
Be there, support the action and you know we stay independent.
Street level cool, directly from the street level.



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