Blaster - Neu Autonom (Official Music Vi

2014-09-23 0:25:06

Brand new video by Blaster - Neu Autonom


Half Dead Soul - Last Exit After Barstow

2012-05-04 12:34:47

I just completed a new project and thought about sharing this with you.
You will already recognize it's based on the photos we shot on our trip
to Las Vegas. I just thought It goes well along with this Jazz tune I created.
I used my Fruity Loopz software to create it, No Samples of other records.
All melodies I played myself. And I mixed it together to give it a real
Jazz feel.

Judge for yourself.



Bad Cops Video Game

2011-06-20 00:17:45

My first venture into video games. This one actually is a flash game.

The story is based on a true story. basically the times before I came to
China in a fun view. Just dedicated this one to the police in Elmshorn City
who helped giving me this special treatment.

Click here to have a try and win a 10 Euro gift certificate for the
newly opened Bomb King shop.

click here to enter>>



Half Dead Soul - Stereo

2009-12-10 04:11:04

Bandnew Video. Animation made by Asher Sommer


c4d art 2

2009-11-02 00:56:56

A bit late, but was sick for 2 days. How about some creepy Helloween graphics. Built this with Cinema4D, maybe will have an animated version ready for next year.


c4d art 1

2009-10-12 03:32:56

Hey guys. Needed to do some quick art by using Cinema 4D. Simple but... gimme your feedback.



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