Black Bomb new collection.

2021-10-11 21:02:34

The new Black Bomb collection is finally available. Just click
here or go to www.blackbomb.com. Many new interesting styles. So go
and check it out.


New Black Bomb collection out now (re-po

2021-05-07 0:50:07

Sorry for the bad link.
Here we go. Black Bomb Spring Summer 2021 is out now.

this collection was inspired in part by the movie "First Blood".
You are welcome to have a look and buy some nice product


Black Bomb Lookbook Fall Winter 2015

2015-09-30 3:19:08

I'm very proud of this one and thanks to my cousin Kwame, this has become a masterpiece. It's time to raise the bar and I want Black Bomb to stand out from the
rest. But click here and judge for yourself. if you like it. share it!


Brandnew The Mafia Coat

2015-01-13 14:53:58

Just wanted to share this with everybody. During the New year's holidays I bought some fabrics and stitched this coat. I just wanted to make a cool coat, so I used the classic way on the outside and the neon lining inside to make it really stick out. Once I finished the prototype I was convinced i have to sell this. I think this is my best stitching work to date. This is why I went ahead and decided to put out a limited edition. (Of course I'm not stitching all by myself)
This Coat will be only available to order for another 3 days. Limited to just 10 pcs. Made from fine Wool material. We always like to offer the best possible quality. So hurry up to get yours >>> here <<<


Elmshorn Alligators Jersey 2014

2014-04-19 14:24:15

Just finished production and already in live action. Today the Alligators are playing their first game for this year's baseball season. Equipped in fresh jerseys made by Black Bomb. I did my best in cooperation with the Alligator's management to really make the best possible jersey for the team. It's a welcomed opportunity from my side to demonstrate our abilities and offer a proof of our quality. For the future I want to make a mark in the fields of various sports. Fashion and sports go hand in hand. And I still love what I'm doing. I definitely want to grow this business and I need all support I can get. Spread the word that Black Bomb is back. Not on a small scale. On a big one. This is serious now!



Black Bomb is back!

2014-02-06 22:01:38

Hey folks it's 2014 and I'm on fire. Black Bomb is back. The brand is coming back with new designs and new strength. Nothing but high quality enjoyable apparel. Great clothing which really represents the bomb. I took some time out, but this was really necessary. I learned my lesson from the workers in the factories where I have been staying. Also from experiences I made when dealing with other brands which we produce. My conclusion. If you know the basics of tailoring and stitching, you can produce a much greater product. I am serious. I made the biggest mistake before by not learning how to cut and sew. This error has been fixed now. I have a whole sewing studio at home. Where I can develop any type of product which comes into mind. This time I am prepared. I have enough knowledge and ammo to win. A big thanks to all Black Bomb supporters over the years. Those people who have really been representing the brand. Even in my absence. And i am open to say. I need your support. If you love this product, support it where you can and wherever you are. Wear it with pride. Be the Bomb!!!


Black Bomb Jeans Buttons

2013-09-28 01:51:23

This time I need your help. I have a couple of new designs for jeans buttons for the next Black Bomb collection. Please log on to facebook and make your choice, which button you like best. Just like your favorite type.


Elmshorn Alligators jacket by Black Bomb

2013-04-13 04:45:08

Hey folks.
Last month I decided to design a Jacket for my hometown baseball team.
The Elmshorn Alligators. I'm a longtime fan and lots of my friends to date
still play for the team. So I felt why not create this Jacket to give them a
great look.

If you have time tomorrow and you are near Elmshorn Germany. Check
out the Elmshorn Alligators season opener. This is a jacket I exclusively
designed for the team. If you're lucky you can win one of these.


some modelling

2009-10-14 05:24:39

Did some modelling today...



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