Comments update

2014-07-29 23:46:35

Hey guys, I ran an update for this site.
The comments have now an extended functionality.
Looking forward to a more vivid discussion.



New weekly blog

2012-09-25 03:32:49
Heyy Folks,

- This is my new weekly column. I thought why not share a few words. Once in a while it cant be wrong.

Greetings to Uncle Rho who visited us in Shanghai at the beginning of this month.

- I was in Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzhen in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong over the last weekend. Did my job inspecting some Jeans productions.
The typical mess, but that’s my job. Was somehow clear that the production would not be made in just one place. The area has about 1000 Jeans factories and wherever you look you see blue fabrics. The right atmosphere for a denim fetishist like me.

But apart from denim jeans I enjoyed some great food.

So guess what this is …

…Black Chicken.

- This was probably the blackest chicken I ever ate. Even the flesh was neonblack. So tuned up with some delicious Sichuan Spices, this happened to be an excellent meal.
I didnt eat the chickens head though :).

- Facebook is now seriously being blocked here in China during this period of the year.
Anybody writing me on facebook. I am sorry I cannot answer.

- Here is another pic I like to share…

… So whos fault is this accident?

Cant believe we wasted 2 hours on this sucka who hit our brand new Chevy. He couldnt wait in line so he decided to overtake me when entering the parking lot of the fabric market. I think a very good idea…
He still insisted he was right claiming I took his lane…

One thing about Shanghai traffic. Its not a joke.


Tech Update

2012-07-24 03:29:47
I was already wondering, but it takes always users to report errors. Thanks to Zeli we found out the comment function is not working. So from now on. Thou shall comment on my posts. Haha, Have a good 1.




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