Ashblog - Birthday special.

Apr 07, 2022

It was my birthday on Wednesday. Greetings to all subscribers and everybody following my videos. I keep posting more content. It's time to bring this world in a more positive direction.

Ashblog | Beware of Elon Musk. Don't fall for the Twitter story.

Apr 07, 2022

If you believe the man who wants to put chips in your brain is fighting for free speech, you don't exercise free thinking.

Ashblog - Action Required. If you want change. Be the Change. Win the Infowar.

Apr 07, 2022

People can talk all they want. Things are not going to improve until you take action. We can blame the terrible situations on everybody else. the reason why these things are possible. There are people taking advantage of your inability to act.

Free Shanghai - Free the people. Voices of the locked down.

Apr 22, 2022

This is a Video putting together the voices of the people who just want their freedom back.It is important to speak out against tyranny. In Shanghai and anywhere else such things are happening. Right now 30 Million people are locked into their homes.

Ashblog | Shanghai Lockdown, The hypocrisy of Amnesty International.

Apr 19, 2022

I wonder why this organization is so silent right now. Actually I don't wonder. it's expected. This corrupt organization of coffee shop activists does not care about the people. They are in tune with the World Economic Forum terrorists and they only take action...

Ashblog | Sunshine

Apr 07, 2022

Just watch the video. Everything which is of great importance is said in this video.This is for all the freethinkers who seek more light.

Ashblog | Solutions Breakaway Civilization #Solutionswatch

Mar 16, 2022

I want to offer some more solutions. Since I am supporting what the Corbett report started I would like to come up with another solution. How about we now create our own breakaway civilization. There are countries which are not part taking in the Trans humanist Agenda. Or we claim our own Island, Country, Continent to live a life without the influence of big tech. The time to make those decisions is now. I don't want to crate another round of crybaby videos about how bad everything is. It's time to present new ideas.

Ashblog | Solutions for the plandemic / great reset #solutionswatch

Mar 14, 2022

It seems like not many people on alternative media re really discussing solutions how to solve this mess we are in. The first active person who offers solutions is James Corbett of The Corbett Report (great work). We need more of that, so here is my take on it. We must get more healthy. Stay in shape. Give up our addictions to counter this problem. The biggest hurdle is that most people even on the alternative scene are not very health conscious. They are not really researching health, and even those selling container loads of supplements don't seem to take their own advice. Watch this video to see more.

Ashblog | Why I make Videos #solutionswatch end of fearporn

Feb 27, 2022

I originally started making videos about sun gazing. My channel was on youtube and I was all about promoting happiness. The the Covid scam started and I couldn't just hold it anymore, when people believed the crap the media was feeding the people. Now in 2022 the brainwash from mainstream media and from the alternative media does exactly the same. From the totally useless Q anon movement to the sale of fear porn. Donald Trump is not our savior and the fear porn is who some influencers are getting their attention and sales to their platform. It just doesn't solve any problems. My goal is to quit political videos and then go back to sun gazing content.

Ashblog | Podcast | Terror organizations Klaus Schwab vs. Osama Bin Laden

Feb 25, 2022

This is a podcast about terror organizations. We are facing a global threat from the world economic forum. Thus far we haven't made the connection that Klaus Schwab indeed is a terrorist no different from Osama Bin Laden. Just the handling of affairs is different. While Bin Laden's approach is the most simple one, Klaus Schwab is able to pull the strings on operators who have their hands in key positions of power. Also the financing is different. While bin Laden was largely financed by Saudi money. Klaus Schwab receives his funding of the most elite circles of our finacial system. If we compare head to head and exchange roles it should become obvious, what is actually happening.

Ashblog | Podcast | Unity

Feb 17, 2022

The old divide and conquer is still ongoing. Not because we must. Because we let them. Lets no longer care about differences. It's World War 3. The state vs. The people. The only way to win is unity.

Ashblog | Sugar. The Real cause of Covid-19 and all Flu related illnesses. End Covid Hoax now!

Feb 13, 2022

This is the real cause of Covid-19. The most addictive poison in the world. Sugar. Everybody consumes it. This is why especially after the holidays everybody tests positive. Sugar turns of the immune system, when the body is fighting to get rid of it. this is why people have colds and flu. Stop eating sugar and carbohydrates. You will see that you will no longer have flu.

Ashblog | Alex Jones

Jan 05, 2022

This is an ode to Alex Jones. I have said a lot about him, negative or positive. I just need to say that he has been the person we got the information from in the first place. I will not throw him under the bus. if not for Infowars, a lot of the discussion would straight not happen at all. This is what i must salute him for. We need to support each other not fight against each other. it's time to also come clean with the narrative of Covid. I will make my point, the virus has never existed. Airborne viruses do not exist. People have been poisoned by GMO food and sugar. When everybody eats 5-10kgs of sugar during the holidays it's no wonder why everybody is sick in January. Let that sink in.

Ashblog - There Is no Virus. You Have Been Poisoned.

Dec 22, 2021

In this video I will talk about food and the connection to infection. None of the food which is sold in Supermarkets has any nutritional value. It's all full of chemicals which make us sick. My topic here is why do we see the most infections in places with the most artificial diet? Also in this video a tour through the city of Jiaxing in China.

Santa Claus in Santa 2021 - Merry Christmas To You And Your Entire Family

Dec 22, 2021

This cartoon is the latest cartoon of my Santa series. We wish everybody a great Christmas time. Enjoy this cartoon. Leave a comment of joy. Like and dow whatever creates happyness. After the holidays we shall meet again in 2022. Santa 2021. Personal Comment: I would have never thought that a simple Santa Claus cartoon might be so important in today's politically and emotionally fueled landscape.

Ashblog | Correction: I was wrong about the possible 22.11. event

Dec 12, 2021

I was totally wrong with my 22.11 Cyberattack video. Sometimes I can be wrong. I'm making this video to take full responsibility. I still do think such an attack is on the way. Just for the date I was wrong.

Ashblog | I wanna die from Covid

Dec 07, 2021

Why don't the powers to be just let me and other's die. The last thing vaccinated people should think about are the unvaccinated. Let them fall behind. It's a choice we make. The vaccinated should be the most healthy people and never get any covid infection. Like scientism pope Richard Dawkins says. The fallacy of science is very little. Science is reproducible at any place and any time. So we should expect better results I guess.

Ashblog | Epic Rant - Why are you so damn lazy???

Nov 20, 2021

This is an epic rant. letting off some steam. Hitting hard where it must be. I don't care if people like me or care about my popularity. I'm just being honest.

Ashblog | Next Event Cyberattack pt2, possible blackout 22.11.2021

Nov 20, 2021

The next event is coming. My bet is next Monday 22.11.2021. There are various possibilities. It is definitely going to be the Event which is supposed to trigger the climate change Agenda.

Ashblog_Podcast | The US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. Surgeon Propaganda. Modern Joseph Goebbels.

Nov 13, 2021

Every time I see this person's face in a video I must think that this is the equivalent to a modern Joseph Goebbels. This seems to be a common practice to always use the token Indian guy once the ship is about to sink. When the corporations are stuck in their own lies and their own staff is no longer able to hide the desperation on their faces. They hire the Indian guy. This guy Vivek Murthy is also not a nobody. His career was supported by None other than George Soros' brother.

Ashblog Podcast | If I were the CEO of Pfizer

Nov 11, 2021

I explore here how I would act as the CEO of Pfizer. Imagine what I elaborate here on this podcast and a lot what we see absolutely makes sense.

Ashblog | Why are you always sick ???

Nov 06, 2021

These are the most advertised most common foods almost everybody consumes. The truth is without this one ingredient nobody would eat those.. This ingredient is addictive and it is a poison at the same time.

Ashblog Podcast | I do not comply (The right to say no) Got my Instagram account suspended


"I do not comply" This is what I posted on my Instagram. This means nothing more than I have the right to say no, or not to act if I do not want to. This alone was reason enough to get suspended from INSTAGRAM. I had 0 followers and the account just existed 1 week. See the whole video and my commentary here.

Ashblog Podcast | Democracy The rule of the people.

Oct 30, 2021

This podcast is about Democracy and why people don't understand that they have been too comfortable so they gave all their power away to a system which is now harvesting them. The power structure only exists because the people have been sleeping.

Big Tech Facism (The Social Score) Why Alex Jones, Qanon David Icke are wrong

Oct 25, 2021

What we are seeing right now is big tech facism. Big tech is now taking over every aspect of our lives. If you are not cooperating you will be dealt with. Instead of AH (Adolf Hitler) they are now using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to monitor every aspect of life. Not just human life.

Ashblog Special | 11 Hour Sungazing Session


This video is from my 11 hours sungazing session on October 1st 2021. I was looking into the sun for 11 hours. I do this to prove that we indeed cannot be harmed by sunlight. It's a myth which needs to be debunked.

Burn a mask day

Oct 10, 2021

Today is, burn a mask day. I burn a mask for free speech. Free speech for myself. My entire generation and my children's generation. I burn a mask for my body my choice. I decide what I want to be done to my body. Not the CEO of Pfizer, The owner of Microsoft, or his best friend who serves as the current puppet to the WHO.

Ashblog | 12h sungazing (prelude)

Oct 09, 2021

This video was shot on September 29th 2021. I'm announcing here that I am going to do my annual 12 hours sungazing session on Oct 1st. I am an active sungazer for over 5 years. I sungaze any time of the day. I see myself as the leader of the sungazing movement. I have been sungazing in places all over the world. Sungazing is something which we were told as kids is not possible, because the sunlight will burn our eyes. Documentaries like "Eat the Sun" are false and misleading.

Ashblog | Evil Geniusses.

Sep 29, 2021

In This video I speak about the genius of the elites. How they calculate their moves and how easy they have it to fool the public. The problem is not that they are evil. The problem is that the majority complies. It was just a matter of time that people find out how stupid the ordinary people are. The elites are usually hard working and do their research while they convince the regular people to seek pleasure in the form of doing nothing.

Ashblog | Trump, Maga. Q are all over. Get over it. The real movement is YOU!

Sep 25, 2021

This is a video about the current situation. It makes no sense to still hope for Trump running in 2024. then still sit back and do nothing while all our freedom diminishes. It's time for action. Donald Trump, Jesus Christ or whoever else won't come for your rescue. All you can do is doing the job by yourself. So Stand up!!!

Ashblog | Happy Fall Equinox (Sungazing Special)

Sep 24, 2021

This is a greeting to everybody who celebrates the Fall equinox. The video was recorded on the 21. of September 2022. This video is for all sungazers and sunyogis. I do sungazing since 5 years by looking straight into the sun. Any time of the day. As long as the sky is clear.

Ashblog | The Next Event Cyberattack

Sep 12, 2021

Here I get into what is coming next. A next big event. A Blackout maybe, which will cause damage at a 9/11 scale. After that the governments will push for more restictions. internet users will only be allowed to use the internet with, and I'm sure you guess right. With their vaccination passport system. This will be the beginning of the social credit score. Of course the hackers will use bitcoin. Get prepared for not being allowed to write code when not adequately authorized.

Ashblog | The Future Part 2 Not This Future

Sep 11, 2021

Part 2 of Ashblog The Future. In this part 2 I'm going in depth about what is coming and why this is happening. And why this is not the future we have all anticipated.

Ashblog | The Future

Sep 08, 2021

If we don't stand up now, this is going to be the future. Look at this illustration. We will be kept like animals in cages. The only freedom will be going online in the matrix. This is no joke. This is what is coming.

Ashblog | What about people who never get sick?

Sep 08, 2021

This video is about the question, What about people who never get sick? Before there was so much discussion about individual treatments. Not all patients could just go to the pharmacy and buy what everybody else takes. They wanted people to consult with their doctor and have an accurate diagnosis. Now with the vaccine this is one solution for everybody. And all of a sudden the healthy people have also been declared sick. They Could still spread the disease.

Ashblog | Poor Health, the real reason for people accepting vaccines.

Sep 06, 2021

A big factor why all this is happening now. The people are sick to a degree they have never been before. The majority of people in Western countries is obese. Gets sick regularly and is in and out the hospital. They whole behavior is irresponsible. They act as if the choices they make do not affect the outcome of their health.

Ashblog | My prediction Harris Clinton 2022

Sep 05, 2021

This is my personal bet. I predict Biden Harris 2022. The current events will show Joe Biden is unfit for office. Since the media turns against him. i see this as the most likely event to happen.

Ashblog Vaccinations

Aug 26, 2021

This video is about vaccinations and what we see right now happening. There are a few questions we should ask ourselves before we are following what we are told to do.

Ashblog | I'm a free man

Since I have left Germany there has been an arrest warrant out for me for about 9 years. Now that the case has been time barred, I'm finally a free man.

Ashblog | Heaven

I think heaven is one of the most stupid concepts ever. Tnere is no such thing as a heaven for everybody. It's always something coming from a very subjective view.

USA 2016 Trip

Penny and I on a coast to coast roadtrip through the US. We srated from Los Angeles to Miami and back to San Diego within just few days. Enjoy the trip with us by watching this video.

Ashblog | Socialism - Communism in a 5 minute breakdown

People who know me well know I am an Atheist and at the same time I consider failed political concepts such as Socialism and Communism in the same light as a religion. Here in this videos I'm showing some of those parallels.


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