Update 2023-01-03 | Happy New Year

2023-01-03 1:00:48

I wish everybody a great new 2023.
Let's make the best out of the new year. A new year is a new beginning and a new chance.
Let's welcome this to do great. I am very optimistic that this year will not be interrupted by political insanety as the last few years were, so let's really make the best out of it. Let's go!


Please check out my new book

2022-11-24 2:47:10

I can finally announce the release of my first book. It will be avaiable from December 1st on all
popular online shops for e books. From Amazon to Apple books.
I wrote this book because I really want to offer a different perspective on racism. On how much
nonsense is involved in this topic which is still alive to this day.
I don't care what color people have. The character of a person is what matters.
I hope you feel like this too.



Hard work pays off

2022-10-13 2:24:45

So here I am. I'm 44 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life.
How did I get here? It's not the gym it's not exercising. I have been
on the gym once since 3 month. It's all about understanding what
you are doing building strategies and being disciplined.
What I do is not magic. I just don't quit until I get to where I want to
get. I don't make excuses and I don't like shortcuts.
I actually never rest and I rarely take a day off. Now it's time for a
reintroduction, because I don't use social media. I also don't talk
a lot about what I'm actually doing. Many people know me maybe
from one stage of my life but not from the other. Maybe a lot has
happened in between.

All I can say, there is a lot of new stuff coming.
Black Bomb Clothing (New collection November 2022 / Amazon launch)
DJ Half Dead Soul Shows (Check out Lost Garden in Jiaxing China)
Asher Sommer Books (Book one will be published in December)


Reddit a political propaganda platform?

2022-07-15 12:39:40

I am on
Reddit now for around a few weeks. I already avoid Facebook, I am not on Twitter and I quit most social
media besides Instagram. I like Reddit, because they still encourage people to read and write, whereas
other platforms just live from people sharing memes and pictures of people they have never met in life. What
I dislike is the censorship and the rating systems Reddit has in place. This is already going the direction of
Chinese microblogs like Weibo.
there was a time when i really liked American social media because of it's openness and freedom towards
the users. Now it is becoming all politicized. This makes no sense. Everything becomes political. People
have politicized even public toilets. So what's next. Create more division by politicizing cereal breakfast or
lemonade? People where have we gone? You cannot even have a family sitting on a table anymore.
Everybody has those mobile distractions in their hands and each person lives in a completely different
universe. Of course division is good for business. When people all drift apart every person will consume a
different set of consumer goods. So within families, goods will no longer be reused and interchanged.
Everything will also only last a short time until it is becoming obsolete. And the trend will make sure you are
not lagging behind when a new product is released and you are now supposed to dump your older model.
Strangely it's the same people who tell you about saving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.
All this doesn't make sense. And it is platform like Reddit who spread such division. They also push
comments which will cause a lot of rage by visitors. I just unsubscribed from their newsletter, because this
political issue is exactly what they are pushing with this newsletter tool. I don't want to be hacked. I don't
want to be emotionalized. I don't want to take sides on topics that are not worth thinking about. All I want is
to live happy. Sungaze and write once in a while about topics I really find interesting.


Here comes the heat

2022-07-13 1:16:11

Here comes the heat or better, The heat is on.
Tomorrow will be the hottest day this year. You might see on the header image that there are temperatures
showing of 41 degrees. Since this is China these values must be taken with a grain of salt. It is usually 2-3
degrees hotter than what is showing. Also when the government wants it to be colder or warmer, the
forecast will go according to government requirements and not to real values.
So we here are going to prepare for a super hot day. Also a super hot night. The nights have not been below
32 degrees since over 2 weeks. I personally love hot days. I still prefer the nights to be a lot colder. Actually
it's perfect with temperatures around 20-25 degrees as it is in Ghana. People in Africa don;t know how great
their climate is. I can only repeat myself. So i wish everybody a great summer. I will find a way to get
somewhere to a beach. I really need some water. Salt water :). I was told humans cannot drink salt water.
Since 3 years this is all I drink. Distilled water with sea salt.


Quick update

2022-06-07 1:59:17
Hi Everybody,
The Shanghai lock down is over. I was personally not affected by the draconian measures. I live in the
neighboring city to Shanghai. Luckily our lock down was shorter. I strongly condemn lock down measures
and I will not shut my mouth that such measures are not used to combat any virus. They are used to
strengthen the government's use of violence. This is not limited to China. It is worldwide. There is no deadly
virus going on. If people can read statistics. The mortality is exactly the same as in every flu season. In
Shanghai this time there were zero death related to Covid. So this was just a ghost hunt. Sadly enough a lot
of old people died. In China it's the family who cares about the elderly. In this case a lot of people were
locked down into their buildings so nobody could reach them. They were unable to come downstairs to pick
the food deliveries from the government. So they died in their upstairs apartments.
Whenever such measures are in place they will not easily be rolled back. So beware of what powers your
grant your governments. The government does not own the people. We the people are supposed to won the
government. The politicians job is only to serve us.


My 44th Birthday

2022-05-05 0:52:53

Birthday pics

Click here to see my birthday pics.
Unfortunately all my friends are still locked up in Shanghai, so Penny and I did our small celebration here in
Jiaxing. Today the weather was phenomenal so I was able to sungaze for some hours. Greetings and thanks
to all the people who have sent me messages from all over the world.


Back On Instagram

2022-02-09 16:40:45
It took a little while I haven't been on any social media platforms. For some platforms. it's because I left.
"Facebook" for example. I didn't like the way they brainwash people by creating their customized content.
You cn scroll below and read my entire post about it. Other platforms have de-platformed me. Linkedin for
I am a very honest person. Maybe too honest for Bill Gates, the owner of Linkedin, who is pushing his own
agenda there. For whatever is going to happen. I will just do what I want to do. I don't care if people dislike
me because of some content. I am just an honest person. I am a freethinker. i tend to think outside of the
box sometimes. If you like this. Then follow me on Instagram.
On the other hand we all know that this might be only available for a limited amount of time.The chance is
high they will delete me again. it happened once before.

Otherwise also get me on telegram https://t.me/AsherSommer


Update 2021-12-13 | My final message to

2021-12-13 14:01:39

This is my final message to Google after suspending my account.
Google has suspended my accounts but still keeps the videos online. I have no access to my videos
and no control of what happens with them.

My mesage:
So this is for the 'n'th time I'm writing here. I have no clue if I have violated your terms. You did not even
write me what happened. No reply for any of the messages I sent. So lets cut it short here. Give me all my
videos back and delete my channels. I do not want Google to further take my accounts hostage and exploit
my material.


Happy Birthday Penny

2021-11-12 1:17:37

Penny had her 30th birthday this month. I'm really proud of her. She becomes more beautiful every year
and she is not slowing down.I'm just the lucky guy by her side :).


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