Censorship sucks

2022-11-03 17:42:11

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I really think censorship sucks. We are now living in a time where we must think twice what we should write
about. Anything can be ripped out of context. The appearance of AI to manage entries has even worsened
everything. It used to be boring using blogs in China, because nobody thought it would make sense to write
about their personal topics. Once everybody knows your local politbuero is also reading this could have
negative consequences on your social status. So now we have the same in the West. The politbuero is
called fact checkers. The hundred thousands of staff of online soldiers they have in China have been already
automated by AI systems. While the online 5 cent soldiers in China are still human and actually act with
quite some tolerance, the AI is nothing but a fascistoid bureaucrat. Their actions are only True or False.
There are no grey areas.
But as long as all these companies who install the fascism are waving the rainbow flag.
People will sleep and not notice until the cyberprison has been completed around them.



2022-07-05 0:28:34

Published on reddit: 05.07.2022
So we are right now in a new era of insanity. We enter a realm, where victim hood is the holy grail and where
all logic needs to be pushed aside when certain groups get their free pass to claim whatever they want. If
you criticize any of these, you will be lynched on the spot by overall cancellation.
If you are just a follower of this trend you have the ability to express your worst attitudes towards the
outcasts who are collectively banished. All you need to do is to get on the right side of popular opinion. Lean
back and whenever you see somebody who is not following what is trendy. Go and get your mob ready and
you will be forgiven when you kick and beat them There are no morals, no ethics. It only matters that you
are on the trendy side of things. Don;t research by yourself. You have corporate and government
propaganda, thrown at you via some paid influencers. Just do as they say and you will be fine. If you have
doubts? No problem, we have already censored everybody on the internet who might be raising questions.
You 100% will not get a guilty conscious. And if so. by the end of 2030 we will have a brain chip to deal with
that too. Just follow the science.
we tell you how many genders there are. Whoever hasn't gotten the memo, you are allowed to attack.
how about setting them on fire? The the corporations don't need to do it. They just pay one of your guys and
then you all do what this person is saying. So today we will demonstrate for the climate. Tomorrow it's the
blacks. The day after we fight against animal cruelty. One day we might even fight your family members. If
they fall into an enemy category, just don;t worry, you will notice early and you have enough time to cancel
them in advance. You help us to conquer the world and your reward is you will own nothing and you will be
happy. We are stressing you will own nothing. We will own everything else, but hey, in socialism, the
revolutionary will in the end become the kings and the soldiers will become slaves. We own all the weapons,
while you will have no rights. This is why our system is much more steady. Don't dare to stand up, the mob
will still believe our lies.


When will the measures end?

2022-03-17 2:01:49

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Does anybody truly believe that the governments will remove all security measures anytime? Does anybody
remember the war on terror? Shouldnít just after Bin Laden was killed all the travel restrictions have been
removed? The security checks reduced to the levels prior to where they were before 2001. Why is it that
once a problem is being created. There will be an entire industry built around that problem. More and more
funds are being made available, so that in the end the operation only expands. While its existence should
be originally reduced to the time frame as long as the problem is serious? Shouldnít it be the target to any
task force to only run as long as the problem persists, then shut down once the problem has been solved?
So letís take the war on cancer. The mission is clear. End cancer, prevent untimely death. So there will be a
task force. Making estimates how much it will cost the tax payer to successfully end the problem and then;
go! Fight the problem, rid humanity of the disease, then dismantle the organization, or work on the next
problem. This unfortunately never happens. In reality it works like this. The task force is being set up. They
will come up with a budget which of course is too small. They will start operating, then ask for more funds.
Since the problem still persists, they will be granted the funding. Then they will connect to as many
industries as possible that can also profit from it. Then ask for more taxpayerís money. Then ask for another
round of money, the educational system will make the problem look more complicated, they will get their cut.
The media on the promise of more advertising money will also collaborate. Ask for funds and donations.
Quickly an entire industry is being set up and they all get used to the inflow of money.
Then my next question is. How much interest from all sides of the participants fighting the problem is there
to really find a cure, while when by not finding anything at least their pensions are safe to use some mild
terms? Think about it. Then think about for how many other key problems in our life does the same method


I do not comply had my Instagram account

2021-11-03 17:05:05

I just started a new Instagram account last week. I added some sungazing pictures and some words about
happiness. Then I posted what you see as the title picture of this post. The reason why. Here in China now
you cannot even throw trash away without scanning a QR code. So I did write I do not comply. I guess the
same day Facebook changed the name to Meta, they didnít find my message funny.

I tried to login the next day. I was not able to log in. It was showing I violated their terms. A link was showing
below the message. After clicking they were showing me the terms which I supposedly violated.

ďYour account has been disabled for not following our terms. You wonít be able to log into this account and
no one else will be able to see it.
Some things we donít allow include artificially collecting likes, followers or shares, posting repetitive content
or repeatedly contacting people for commercial purposes without their consent.Ē
So here is my point. I did not follow anybody at that time and I myself had zero followers.
how does any of the above apply to me? I cannot collect likes with zero followers. I cannot contact people
for commercial purposes with zero followers. None of that applies here.

When dealing with facebook. They donít have a service center. They donít have a customer service hotline.
They donít reply to emails. The only way of communication they have are automated messages.

I do not comply and I mean it. Non compliance seems to be such a big deal for companies like facebook. Let
me tell you why. Itís the right to say ďNoĒ. The right to opt out. These big tech fascist companies are not
interesting to offer such an option. The only option they grant is to choose between different products of
theirs. The same for the terms of business. Either accept or specify details otherwise no way to negotiate.
This canít be called a choice. Matter of fact many of their services already become mandatory to use for our
daily life. My proposal, we the people should push these companies to comply with our human rights as well.
What is happening now is where the government meets the corporations. We saw this before in Nazi
Germany. The corporations provide the technology so that the government can solidify their power. The
question is why? As long as we live in democracies, we the people should have a final say, about what the
government is allowed to do and what not. Yet we are still too busy with entertainment, canít think straight
and numb our senses with whatever comes our way.

To be contibued


The fake virus vaccine is finally here

2020-12-19 15:14:41

2020 is the magical point in my life where I finally need to say humans are just lemmings. I canít help them and I will not waste any more second of my life helping others. I must face facts. There is a rumor of a virus. This rumor is being spread worldwide by all media platforms. There is not a single media outlet with a different opinion. Every person with a running nose will be counted as infected and the numbers will be left on the screen for 3-5 month, even when most people recover within one week. The real number of death is shown in small letters. Almost non recognizable. The death rate is minimal Below 0,001%. Ergo less dangerous than the average flu. Read any statistic in any country and exactly this is what you see.
A regular flu season takes 3 Month. From December to February everybody will be infected once and a week later everybody will be immune. This times I must give congratulations to the politicians. Good Job, you did the best by using lock downs to keep the flu season around for an entire year. Of course and only because of this the number of deaths is higher. The amount of deaths from flu stayed constant on the level of the winter months.
What people donít understand. The annual rate of death in any country around the world is quite constant, unless there is a war or famine. Itís usually around 1%. This will remain unchanged in 2020. There is no incredible amount of deaths. Also the disease only seems to strike on people over the age of 60. Or people who are already hospitalized suffering from other diseases. Usually diabetes or cancer. Those who are dying younger are extremely unhealthy and obese. Also here, during any flu season, those are the most like people to die. This is not news.
Now there is the solution coming in the form of a vaccine. For a disease, which is less deadly than the common flu? Then everybody will receive the shot and then the virus mutates? Just like any flu any given year? A new type of vaccine with an RNA modificating formula? Seriously?
A never before tested vaccine, different from any other type of vaccine used in the past, which will genetically modify our genes? From the virus alone we might see death rates of 0.1%. It might be deadlier than the ďCoronaĒ fake pandemic / flu. It costs on average between 50-80$. They push everybody to take the first shot. What they donít say itís the first shot of many to come. We donít even know how many. Let me tell you here. We are no longer using common sense. People are too lazy to think. Nobody researches. Many people are even happy. Happy they can stay at home. Why do you think Playstation 5 is being delivered out just in time for the dark winter.


The fake virus vaccine is finally here

2020-12-19 15:11:54

2020 is the magical point in my life where I finally need to say humans are just lemmings. I canít help them and I will not waste any more second of my ...>>>read & comment<<<


Book Recommendation. Klaus Schwab Covid-

2020-11-18 7:59:17

I recommend reading this book.
It should not be a shock that this is from the boss of the World Economic Forum. Who also seems to be Bill Gates good friend.
And on a side note. I doubt he himself wrote the book in 2020.


Against joe Biden and Censorship

2020-10-15 17:29:19

This piece of **** Joe Biden. This man could rape a 6 year old black kid on live TV, smoke a crack pipe and call everybody nigga and still get away with it. The media would straight cancel all the accounts of people who would dare to share the information.
Then call everybody who is not TV braindead conspiracy theorists.
Who in a sane mind votes for such a guy? There is full censorship
going on. Not even President Trump is excluded from it.
Don't you see what is going on? The President is not in charge of
the country. The real owners of the United States are installing
their puppet in front of your eyes.
A real candidate does not need censorship. A real candidate wins
by delivering the right concepts. This loosers only campaign strategy is I am not Donald Trump. Wallstreet, the media and China want me to become President, so vote for me.
If people vote for this bureacrat who sat in Washington for over
40 years of his life doing nothing. Who will just sign anything the
wallstreet wants him to do. If you don't love freedom and you
want another 10 yeats of corona lockdowns, then go and vote
for ths looser.
If I would write this and I would be living in the United States,
Facebook would suspend my account for 30 days.
This is also not about Trump. This is about the people. Us.
The people who want to live in freedom and thrive. The people
who still want their own dreams. Who still want to talk face to
If we don't act now, We will only have conversations on video
app.s We will get advertisements via neuralink into our dreams.
Our whole reality will be controlled by the banks. We cannot
decide what we ant to spend our money for. They can just charge
us anytime, even for the air we breathe.



2019-02-02 16:26:14

Once your calculator APP starts sending news, requests to use your GPS and read your contacts it's really over.
Time to go back to old Nokia phones. Only switch on the dumbphone when it's an emergency.


German Unity Day

2018-10-04 14:34:46

I should have written this yesterday, but I make it today. On the day of German Unity I want to dedicate this to all my eastern German friends. There was a time i was speaking badly about eastern Germany and I want to use this media here to make an apology. 20 years ago I automatically called all eastern Germans racist and ignorant. I even refused to speak to many. I was very stubborn in my belief and I ignored voices of friends who told me I'm going too far. of course this also comes from a series of bad experiences i have made over the past with incidents of racists who were threatening me or my family for our lives.
What I didn't understand was, that they were shielded from the world for many years. They did not make the same experiences which most people made in the west and it took some time in China for me to understand why they generally
lean to the right politically. First of all they are our brother's and sisters. They are from the same country.
What they experienced and we didn't is a system of communism. Communism is the most inhumane system in the world. I don;t want to argue otherwise. Communism is fascism and only party members benefit from the system. individualism and your personal dreams have no place in it. What the government says is the truth and whatever else you think is the truth. The people of eastern Germany stood strong against oppression. Against a totalitarian system and won. They broke through the wall. We in the west never had such a challenge, because we enjoyed a much better political environment. While the easterners were struggling in coal mines for no pay, we in the west had it all. Still it was them to get adapted to our lifestyle and they also brought a lot of skepticism to our political system. Nowadays more then ever politics has shifted to an oppressive system which wants to control thought and opinion. Censorship and media control are just a few hints in this direction. We have orchestrated incidents of alleged terrorism. And the government has opened the borders for the sake of making a couple of more arms deals in unstable countries. To be critical of all this doesn't make you a bad person. We should better watch who is there to divide us into different political camps. Who profits when Germans and German foreigners are separated. East and West and most significantly Man and Woman. It's not about your own tribe. Look at what happens, when everything becomes politicized. I was lucky to live in post Deng Xiao Ping's China. I would argue a national socialist nation, where the government worked hard on improving the life of their citizens. Where the people worked hard and were able to build a better future for themselves. The last thing people want here is to go back to old communism. I was able to see why. To cut a long story short. No matter what the situation is like. Talk to the people on the other side. Don't block the contact. Look for dialogue over partisanship. And please don't believe the hype on the media, who are just there to cause separation.

One Luv.


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