USA 2013 the photos

2013-03-15 04:35:46

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Back to China, back to life.
Does not really matter since we spent our greatest
holiday trip ever. It was just amazing. Criss crossing the whole US of A.
Meeting a lot of old friends in New York where I havent been for 15 years.
We went to the birthplace of Hip-Hop right in the Bronx. Despite icy winds
we made it there. Rented a car to drive from New York down to Atlanta with
a small stop in DC. Almost woke up the President on his very own holiday.
In Atlanta we stayed with our friend Ben. Had a perfect 4 days. And Penny
had her dream come true. Attend her first NBA game.
Live at the Phillips Arena watching Hawks vs. Heat. Taking a flight to
Los Angeles reuniting with Sedat, who we already met on our last day in
New York. With our home base in LA we toured the whole California,
then left for Nevada and Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. This time
we had to make it there. Especially since, we had to turn back last year
after we almost reached the place due to our flight leaving early the next
day. This time we did it. Then driving through the desert until we reached
San Francisco. Amazing place and an amazing city. We should have had
more time.


USA 2013

2013-02-13 14:41:06

Hey folks we are starting on another trip to the US.
It's me, Penny and Jack. The Chinese Spring Festival is
still on going, but instead of freezing in cold China, we
are going to the US to enjoy our holidays.

Our flight leaves at 9pm today, luggage is packed.
Let's go...



Happy Holidays and a new Santa cartoon

2012-12-24 03:42:46

I wish everybody some happy holidays and a happy New Year. Lets celebrate this with another episode of my Santa Claus cartoons. Spent some extra hours getting it together, but it's finally done. Lets have a good one and a great time.




Jesus Christ

2012-12-14 01:23:36

The holidays are coming and I think this time I want to write about Jesus Christ. Don’t worry I didn’t become religious and I also did not turn crazy, but I thin...>>read & comment<<<


Election Day

2012-11-08 18:31:51

Today is Election Day in the US and I just took the time to add my 2 cents.
Again there is the choice between the 2 main party’s ca...>>read & comment<<<


The concept of work.

2012-11-08 18:19:14

Our human life in these times circulates around getting an education, which prepares us to join the job market. Everybody is working on a pl...>>read & comment<<<


Rest In Beauty Emmanuelle

2012-10-19 02:06:28

Thanks to RTL television in Germany, I was able to watch my favorite movies every Saturday night. One of the first ones was the original Emmanuelle movies from the early 70s. The story about a newly wed woman accompanying her husband to Asia, where they start their sexual exploration. I'm a big fan of soft sex movies since I was 12 years old. And I can honestly thank Sylvia Kristel, Laura Gemser and probably Oswald Kolle too, for giving me a healthy lesson about sexuality. Because before private television networks started in Germany sexual content was only available in special video rental stores. Even the softest ones. Thanks to the sexual revolution in the 70s masterpieces like the first Emmanuelle movie were made. Not just low budget porn.
Personally I still think it's a shame governments allow people to be killed in any type of way 24 hours on almost every channel. But in most countries it is forbidden to show sex scenes or even nudity. WHAT HARM DOES SEX BRING TO THE WORLD? Think about it...

Rest in beauty Sylvia Kristel. You will never be forgotten as long as your fans live.



Shanghai Summer 2012

2012-10-06 01:27:42

2012 was an exceptional year here in Shanghai. Normally as we know it here the sky in Shanghai is always grey. Due to dust from heavy industry and construction. But this year was a nice surprise. Blue skies throughout the whole summer. It was just not as hot as usual. Normally it easily becomes over 40 degrees centigrade here. This year the maximum was just 38.
I took the chance to spend some quality time around Jin Shan Beach. My place of choice for the weekends. That day I spent an hour to walk around to capture some real scenes about what summer and beach means here in Shanghai.


New weekly blog

2012-09-25 03:32:49
Heyy Folks,

- This is my new weekly column. I thought why not share a few words. Once in a while it cant be wrong.

Greetings to Uncle Rho who visited us in Shanghai at the beginning of this month.

- I was in Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzhen in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong over the last weekend. Did my job inspecting some Jeans productions.
The typical mess, but that’s my job. Was somehow clear that the production would not be made in just one place. The area has about 1000 Jeans factories and wherever you look you see blue fabrics. The right atmosphere for a denim fetishist like me.

But apart from denim jeans I enjoyed some great food.

So guess what this is …

…Black Chicken.

- This was probably the blackest chicken I ever ate. Even the flesh was neonblack. So tuned up with some delicious Sichuan Spices, this happened to be an excellent meal.
I didnt eat the chickens head though :).

- Facebook is now seriously being blocked here in China during this period of the year.
Anybody writing me on facebook. I am sorry I cannot answer.

- Here is another pic I like to share…

… So whos fault is this accident?

Cant believe we wasted 2 hours on this sucka who hit our brand new Chevy. He couldnt wait in line so he decided to overtake me when entering the parking lot of the fabric market. I think a very good idea…
He still insisted he was right claiming I took his lane…

One thing about Shanghai traffic. Its not a joke.


Ghana 2012

2012-09-04 01:28:16

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Heyy whats up everybody. Holiday season is officially over. Back to school, back to work.
So I think it s the best time to share my photos with you we shot in Ghana. We stayed from August 1st to August 14th. The main reason was to attend my grandfathers (J.C.Akosa) 20th anniversary after his death and finishing construction on my fathers grave site, since its also 1 year already. In between Penny and I went to the northern parts of Ghana in the search of some Hippos in Bui National Park. An amazing trip in a whole new world. Travelling all the way by bus and by Trotro (Ghanas inofficial public transport system :) ). Finding ourselves running through a jungle with very muddy soil. Just the hippos weren t around. Still amazing. After that we had a great time with our family. Special thanks to all Akosas who attended. We meet again in 2017 for the 25th.


RIP John D Birchenall

2012-08-17 01:01:11

Wow, what's happening. People die left and right.
It's crazy.

But this death could have been prevented.

John was a stubborn idiot.

I know John since 4 years. Since I went to Hong Kong the first time. I decided to make a stop in Shenzhen, the world’s capital for cheap electronic consumer goods. By that time I have been making my first attempts selling I-phone clones. Since all of them are being traded in Shenzhen I went to the electronics market to get a better view on how that business works. By accident, I ran into John. An American guy who has setup his own trading office in the middle of the market. Unlike most of the Chinese traders who have no idea about the products they are selling, John impressed me by exactly knowing everything about electronics. He first supplied me with copy phones for my web shop, but then taught me a lot about new products which are up and coming. He had all kinds of net books exactly a year before they made it into the market. He used tablets before apple planned the I-pad. That time running tablets on Linux software. (Android = Linux based application) Many products he showed me were great, but hard to sell, because it takes marketing to introduce new gadgets. Exactly what Apple did. But John liked himself in the role of the underdog. And he could be very stubborn. A year ago in August 2011, John was diagnosed with cancer. I told him to go for chemotherapy as quickly as possible. The earlier the treatment begins the better the chances for a quick recovery. But there were some huge problems in his attitude. John who is a newborn Christian, had the idea that “chemo” would kill his soul, so he began seeking for some alternative treatments. At that time just having Steve Job’s death around the corner, I told John, is that how you want to end? Don’t be stupid by believing into miracles. Go with what really works (Chemo). He remained stubborn. Spoke about Christianity and lots of other useless spiritual hocus-pocus
which is based on belief, but has no facts or statistics supporting it. So to be honest after several moth of just going back and forth about the same topic, I became tired of talking. In my own words. “I cannot teach a dog how to speak.” just around April this year John sent me photos. Showing him with a huge blain on his neck, resulting from his growing tumor. That time I already knew it’s too late for him. Especially when doing treatment in China. In Winter I already offered him to pay him a flight to France if he was willing to do Chemo there. A treatment might be too expensive in his native country. The US of A. He refused. And in April he would still refuse and said he has a chance if he went with the more progressive doctors in Guangzhou. But those guys were just running tests which he had to pay for, but no results. Last month before I went to Ghana I already knew his time was almost up. So a good friend of mine went to see him. He was somewhere in an apartment in Shenzhen and badly needed assistance. But as always he was too proud to accept help. I suggested him to go to Hawaii, where he is originally from, but he did not want to leave. I guess there was still some bad blood between him and other family members. Since I knew him to be very stubborn, he would not even make peace on the verge of death. John died on the 31st of July. He became 63 years old. I cannot feel sad here, because John was an idiot. His death was unnecessary. He died because he was stubborn. If he took a bit of advice from people who cared he would be ok, by now and enjoying life.

Rest in Peace my friend. On one hand you were a very intelligent person, but on the other hand a totally stubborn idiot.

Once you have cancer. Do Chemo!


Hans Christian Sommer

2012-07-26 03:47:45

It was exactly 1 year ago on July 25th 2011 around this time when my father died.

That day I lost not only my father. I also lost my best friend.
I don't want to mourn and fill this with sadness. He wouldn't have wanted people to
feel sad. Lets just celebrate him as we knew him. And remember him as the great
person he used to be.

He was not a person who took many photos of himself. Probably the week before his
death when he came to China, we took more photos together than he had taken of
him for his entire life.

I also want to thank Heiko Jürgens, who contributed some of the photos they
took together.

Go here to watch the Photos >>


Broke my record

2012-07-24 03:33:25
I finally broke my record. Yess I did it.

100 pushups in 1 set. My previous record was at 99 repeats in 1999.
Feeling like on top of my game right now :).

For everybody who didn't read my piece on no excuses,
dealing with exactly this topic.

Read here...



Tech Update

2012-07-24 03:29:47
I was already wondering, but it takes always users to report errors. Thanks to Zeli we found out the comment function is not working. So from now on. Thou shall comment on my posts. Haha, Have a good 1.



Wedding Video

2012-06-29 11:54:19

For everybody who couldnt attend.

Here is the Wedding video.

Thanks to Ace, Bjoern and Leon for sending
their greetings via video message.


RIP Trica 186

2012-06-26 01:35:43

I just got the news 3 days ago, my good friend Jens Flechtner a.k.a Trica 186 died last week (16.06.2012).
Since I cannot be there for his funeral...>>read & comment<<<



2012-05-23 02:20:49


Here we go. I finally uploaded a big stacks of pics from our wedding. Big Thanks to Jack, who shot many of these. Additional Photos will be added these days, But these pics give you the best impression. Enjoy...



The Avengers

2012-05-23 02:19:09
Wow, went out to watch The Avengers on Sunday. What a movie!!!


Just married

2012-05-15 9:50:24

Just married this weekend.

We will upload photos tonight.


Half Dead Soul - Last Exit After Barstow

2012-05-04 12:34:47

I just completed a new project and thought about sharing this with you.
You will already recognize it's based on the photos we shot on our trip
to Las Vegas. I just thought It goes well along with this Jazz tune I created.
I used my Fruity Loopz software to create it, No Samples of other records.
All melodies I played myself. And I mixed it together to give it a real
Jazz feel.

Judge for yourself.


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