Blaster - Neu Autonom (Official Music Vi

Brand new video by Blaster - Neu Autonom >>more...<<

Half Dead Soul - Last Exit After Barstow

I just completed a new project and thought about sharing this with you.You will already recognize it's based on the phot >>more...<<

Bad Cops Video Game

My first venture into video games. This one actually is a flash game.The story is based on a true story. basically the  >>more...<<

Where does the future take us?

As posted on reddit:https://www.reddit.com/user/AsherSommer/comments/zrtsy9/where_does_the_future_take_us/We are right n >>more...<<

My last post on my facebook account

This is my last post on this facebook account. By the end of the day I will delete all my accounts.I might open another  >>more...<<

Summer Is Over

It seems like summer is officially over. Now its time for me to do what I always do. Work harder, make more gains and wo >>more...<<

Black Bomb new collection.

The new Black Bomb collection is finally available. Just click here or go to www.blackbomb.com. Many new interesting sty >>more...<<

New Black Bomb collection out now (re-po

Sorry for the bad link.Here we go. Black Bomb Spring Summer 2021 is out now.www.blackbomb.comthis collection was inspire >>more...<<

Black Bomb Lookbook Fall Winter 2015

I'm very proud of this one and thanks to my cousin Kwame, this has become a masterpiece. It's time to raise the bar and  >>more...<<

Flashback 2022 Quarantine Hotel

This is what happened exactly 1 year ago. I was on my way back from a meeting in Shanghai, just a few weeks after the in >>more...<<

Update 2023-11-27 |

We are going into December this year. A lot has happened and a lot has not happened.This year I put in a lot of work run >>more...<<

Update 2023-01-03 | Happy New Year

I wish everybody a great new 2023. Let's make the best out of the new year. A new year is a new beginning and a new chan >>more...<<

Short Sleeve in Winter

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I still didn't wear a jacket this Winter, I didn't even wear a sweatshirt. Maybe I'm  >>more...<<

Magazine Cover Stallo and kim Jong Il

Stallone and Kim Jong Il sharing the same magazine cover. Title 2 guys who's time is still not over....>> read & comm >>more...<<

Chinese people are small

Just heard people Saying Chinese people are small. Hmm. Might be right on ...>>read & comment >>more...<<

Last night in Shanghai

Last night on a highway back to Shanghai. 2am driving 120km/h. I see the police on the emergency lane and 2 towing cars  >>more...<<

We will never forget you

It's already 5 years since he is gone. But I write this to keep alive the memory of mt friend Ben.You are not dead until >>more...<<

RIP John D Birchenall

Wow, what's happening. People die left and right.It's crazy.But this death could have been prevented.John was a stubborn >>more...<<

Censorship sucks

As posted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/AsherSommer/comments/ykx5df/censorship_sucks/I really think censorship  >>more...<<


Published on reddit: 05.07.2022So we are right now in a new era of insanity. We enter a realm, where victim hood is the  >>more...<<

When will the measures end?

Also posted on reddit:https://www.reddit.com/user/AsherSommer/comments/tfo2zz/where_are_the_measures_ever_going_to_roll_ >>more...<<

A typical day in Shanghai

Hey guys, I was asked several times by friends if there is a way to show a typical scene of my daily life here in Shangh >>more...<<

Shanghai Heat Wave

To all my family and friends in Ghana. It does not get this hot over there.We are experiencing now the hottest week in S >>more...<<

Shanghai Summer 2012

2012 was an exceptional year here in Shanghai. Normally as we know it here the sky in Shanghai is always grey. Due to du >>more...<<

Happy Chinese New Year

Family matters. We are wishing everybody a happy Chinese new year.My brother came over from Japan to celebrate with us.  >>more...<<

7 Years in China

Since yesterday I'm 7 years in China.I want to take this chance to say thanks.Thanks to all friends from Germany, Ghana  >>more...<<

Chinese New Year the pics

Heyy folks,Chinese New year is over and I have some pics to share with you.Click here.  >>more...<<

Midsummer 2019

hi everybody, we had a great trip to the north of China for midsummer this year Located at the border to Russia we went  >>more...<<

Africa Trip 2014 Part 1. Ethiopia pics.

more>>>Hey guys what a trip. We are just back from our holidays in Ethiopia and Ghana. Best thing we could do this year. >>more...<<

USA 2013 the photos

click hereBack to China, back to life. Does not really matter since we spent our greatestholiday trip ever. It was just  >>more...<<

Happy 84th birthday

Happy Birthday to my father.Hans Christian Sommer IIToday would have been his 84th birthday.Thanks for everything you di >>more...<<

In Memory of Mr. Shunsheng Yang

I want to pay my final respect to my grandfather in law Yang Shunsheng. He died last month at the age of 90years at his  >>more...<<

Back from Ghana

Back from Ghana and another 3 weeks have already passed…First of all I want to thank my whole family for the great time  >>more...<<

New Video account on bitchute

it's been 2 month that google locked me out from my youtube accounts. I contacted them several times. to resolve the iss >>more...<<

Rest In Beauty Emmanuelle

Thanks to RTL television in Germany, I was able to watch my favorite movies every Saturday night. One of the first ones  >>more...<<

The Avengers

Wow, went out to watch The Avengers on Sunday. What a movie!!!  >>more...<<

Comments update

Hey guys, I ran an update for this site.The comments have now an extended functionality.Looking forward to a more vivid  >>more...<<

New weekly blog

Heyy Folks,- This is my new weekly column. I thought why not share a few words. Once in a while it cant be wrong.Greetin >>more...<<

Tech Update

I was already wondering, but it takes always users to report errors. Thanks to Zeli we found out the comment function is >>more...<<

My switch to raw foods

I made this a trial at the beginning of this year and it works very well so far. I thought about this some time ago, whe >>more...<<

Salt and Water

This is something I would like to share with friends and family.Most people know that I have not had any flu for 2 years >>more...<<

Sungazing today

I just returned from an amazing sungazing session.The fundamentals of sungazing are just keeping yourself in a low stre >>more...<<

Amazon is a fraudulent business. Time to

As posted on reddit:https://www.reddit.com/user/AsherSommer/comments/zrtgy0/amazon_is_a_fraudulent_business_time_to_move >>more...<<

Back from India

Hi everybody, I’m back to China after an almost 2 month stay in India. Probably one of the most difficult times I have e >>more...<<

Next projects

Working like a crazy horse these days, but hey. There is a lot coming out these days. Black Bomb Spring Summer collectio >>more...<<


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