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Why am I not participating in the Ice Bu

2014-08-26 12:54:25

Why am I not participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge (peer pressure competition by the pharmaceutical industry) and why I also do not make a donation.

The pharmaceutical industry is a cartel of criminals, who are not concerned about healing at all. All they acre about are their profits and margins. If they need more growth, they just invent a new disease and offer a placebo. They donít care about the peopleís lives they destroy. They only care about filling their pockets and about how to keep the shareholders happy.
The more serious a disease looks and the more a disease is being promoted, the more the organizations get used to record high amounts of donations and public funding.
No organization has an interest in curing cancer or AIDS. They could close their doors the very next day. It's all about the turnover, generated by the disease.
Since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer, the numbers have just gone up. At that time one of 10 people had to do chemotherapy in their lifetime, today in most countries every 3rd person will have cancer at least once.
No doctor talks to patients about nutrition, they always like to blame this on genetics. It should be clear to everyone that it is our Western Diet causing all these problems. Instead of rethinking our eating habits. We will force this waste we get sold in supermarkets as food to all other countries and cultures. Calling it advanced Western nutrition.

On the ice bucket thing itself. Poor it over your head and shoot a video. Cool idea. Why not! But donations to drug dealers no way.


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