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Alternative Cures 1: MMS

2015-07-23 12:27:25

Some time around winter last year when I studied the uses of Hydrogen Peroxide, I stumbled upon MMS. MMS short for Miracle Mineral Supplement. Whatever I read about it sounded like a 100% scam. But I continued to Google more information about the subject. The properties were close to what I knew about H2O2 (peroxide) but the chemical reaction would be much slower and selective. Since I already successfully used H2O2 for brushing my teeth and for getting rid of nasal bacteria, I decided to give MMS a shot. I asked my friend in Germany to order it for me and send it to Shanghai. 2 Month later I had my starter kit. This contains of 2 bottles. One is Sodium Chlorite with a ĒtĒ another one is ďcitric acidĒ I later changed to hydrochloric acid, because citric acid is somehow leading to digestive issues. Now after using MMS regularly since about 9 month I got to the following results. The last time I had a cold and I think this is even one of the most important properties MMS offers, was in September 2014. I used to have colds at least every 3 month. Before understanding PH balance even every 2 month. Now when I feel there is something itching in my throat I take 6 drops of MMS and I call it gone. One set of MMS costs just 15 Euros. For normal use it should last 1 year. Cures almost anything, so I would even claim it is the cheapest available cure on the planet. Simple cough syrup costs much more and has no proven effect. Generally, there is no proven cure; even though flu shots are a requirement in many places itís a false claim it has any effect. Flu medication is a huge market, which generates drug makers billions of dollars. MMS could end all this. Compared to other drugs all MMS does is oxidizing the water inside the human body. Since we consist of 80% water, this water purification agent oxidizes the body. Since bacteria and especially the bad ones are all anaerobic, they will die when exposed to a high dose of oxygen. MMS also raises PH levels in the tissue, leaving no space for bacteria or parasites to survive.
The list of uses is very long and I donít want to get too scientific here. All I can prove 100% is this stuff can stop any cold or flu from happening. If I donít get a cold until September I will throw a big party. I came from 6 to 7 colds a year. 0 colds since 9 month are a huge improvement for me. I also completely got rid of plaque and karies. All this is a huge win. So itís mo wonder it is forbidden in many countries by now. One of the main suppliers has been jailed in the US recently. Big Pharma does not want people to get this information. There are more amazing discoveries I made about alternative medicine. More about this topic later here on my blog.


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