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My take on tolerance

2010-11-22 16:04:41

Generally I am an avid defender of freedom. No matter if it's freedom of choice or freedom of speech. let there be freedom. A big part of freedom is tolerance. If you want people to let you do whatever you want, then you should be the same way to others. No matter if you like or dislike the choices they make. But as much tolerant as i am. I have found my limits. Yes there are limits. I find myself watching or reading news where objectivity is no more given at an alarming rate. 10mins of watching any fox news outlet throws up more propaganda than a state owned media source in a communist country. And guess what. they are always right and here comes the catch. unlike other left-wing and right-wing media, which are undoubtedly heavily biased and opinion making, they need at least offer sources to prove their points. but here's fox news. Just like the reverend in a church who doesn't need to find proof that Noah's ark can load thousands of animals without thinking. Or Jesus Christs inception without sexual intercourse. It seems like we are heading all the way back to stone-age here. On fox anybody who is representing conservative values is automatically right. If some reporter calls president Obama's health reform communist, then they will not for example show some footage that compares the us health system to health care in communist nations and check how much communist the presidents plans are. So the viewers can make a choice for themselves to build an opinion. No they will only be bombarded by statements from conservative speakers. who also very well don't need any health insurance. Anybody who doesn't agree with those is automatically a communist. And especially the poor who are the largest benefactor of universal health-care are fooled by believing those people's words. Because their message is simple. Nobody wants to read multiple pages of documents the president published online. Maybe they don't even understand the points mentioned there. But they will understand fox news at least. the problem all those people have their thinking is not based on facts. so there is no ground for logic. Even in debates. no matter how intelligent the liberal site counts the facts offering a structured body of evidence that the conservative side is absolutely wrong. All they do is answering using their typical phrases. One liners in most cases like, 'it will increase taxation'. Bam conversation is dead. No need to explain why taxes might become higher. Just as a statement fact. sounds familiar. Ask a Muslim, why not to eat pork? It's a dirty animal, without any logical explanation. Or ask a fundamental christian about how long it took to create earth. 7 days bing. Then you throw in dinosaurs. They will just act as if Hollywood created those. So now my question. Do i need to tolerate this? If it's their individual choice to be backwards, then it's their problem. But in my opinion if there are people taking advantage of pre-packed belief instead of leaving people the choice for making themselves up their opinion, then this is where tolerance stops. So no matter if it's organized religion or organized propaganda i am not tolerating it. Because those are threats to freedom. I don't want to live in a world where free thinking people need to fear any sort of persecution.


2011-03-18 20:45:11
Leon wrote: A lot said there Asher

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