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Boycott Myspace

2009-12-06 04:25:46

You might miss the link on the right side. But I need to make it official. Asher Sommer does not support Myspace anymore. Myspace and I part our ways. A company that is owned by media giant Rupert Murdoch, gets no love from my side.i might still watch 21st century fox movies. But being active on myspace, those days are over. I have plenty of own webspace within www.BombKing.com , so why do I need Myspace? I don't support anybody, who is openly racist and fuels hate on a constant level. A TV news station such as Foxnews, is supposed to only deliver news. Unbiased, which is known as profesional journalism. But Mr. Murdoch loves to give everything his own opinion. Talkers like Bill 'O Reilly are steadyly flooding households with messages that show racism equals common sense. I don't think so, so I switch of that junk and anything else Murdoch related.


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