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Words Of Wisdom: What Is luck?

2009-10-12 04:19:34
Do you know what luck is?

Is Ash nuts? Did he join Scientology? None of that, but I think a good philosophical question.
My answer is:

"Being at the right time at the right place during an event which is positive for yourself."

You can twist it and bend it. But this is the case. No matter if you meet the girl of your dreams or just picked a 100 Euro note from the floor. You were at the right place at the right time. 10 minutes later somebody else might have discovered the money. Or you would have missed the chance to meet your girl of your dreams. It is not the feeling of luck, which anybody could get anytime, when injecting some chemicals in your blood. You need to be at the right time at the right place.
So how to become more lucky? We all want to be? Basically the worst move to achieve luck is to stay at home. Nobody will knock your door to tell you today is your lucky day. You need to be more active. It raises the chance to get into a lucky situation. Of course it also increases the chance for the opposite. Bad luck! But one always comes with the other. I would say, try to have fun at what you do, and do a bit more. You can never be wrong by that


2014-01-06 07:59:06
Leon wrote: agree

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