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Black Gays

2011-07-04 03:26:26
Black people and gay bashing.

Another day. Another agenda going out of control. Once visiting hip-hop or reggae web forums, where the members are mostly black, you will find an ever-increasing number of anti gay rants. Starting with the typical no homo phrase to a more serious gay is against the nature of man to the typical religious statement. Gay people go to hell, and then they cite passages from the bible. Then you have those Rasta dudes. WritingĒ batty bwoy gwan dedĒ. Thatís again the same as some people would post on a hip-hop website.

Kill or gay people or god will judge you.

Good, Iíve been reading so much bullshit that i don't know even where to begin. First of all to all proud heteros out there. My question, are you all stupid? Since we don't have eunuchs anymore and lets be happy there are none anymore, because it could be in somebody's interest to make you one. Since then, the gay man is the best that ever could happen to straight men. If you don't get it, here is the reason why and I really explain it for dummies.

Here is a massive amount of even good looking men, who are leaving you the field for girls, because they favor men. Less competition for you folks. Still don't get it? More free pussy for all y'all. You should be more appreciative. What else can you ask for. You should be thankful and embrace their actions instead of bashing them. I mean what is more gay than bashing gay people. Why not pay attention to get girls rather than wasting your time and energy on thinking about another guys sexuality. I never think about other guys sexuality but i think about other girls sexuality a lot. Know what i mean?

So I hear god is against gays. I'm not religious, but I read the bible to know what is written there. Of course there are references that man shall not be with man. But there are so many other things written in the bible that you also should not do. Many even contradict each other. And there's also no weight on it. I mean there is not one of the 10 commandments saying. Thou shall not be gay. I didn't see it and all you bible freaks didn't see it. And to Christians it's the 10 commandments that primary do matter. So violating those rules will bring you to hell. And Iím sure those gay bashers have been lying, stealing or cheating their wives before, so stop all this hypocritical talk. Same in Islam. Drinking alcohol or eating pork is higher condemned than gay sex. But it's the human who likes to twist these moral phrases to his own comfort.

Of course nobody wants to be gay. Nobody wants and even gay people don't want to be born gay. But being gay is not a choice you make. You are automatically born with it. Your hormones and your genetic framework decide. If you do your coming out or not. That's a choice. But better let the person be honest than lying through their lives. For all you good Christians. Lying is a sin, isn't it? And a lot of people wonder why there are so many gays around nowadays. Popping out the ground like mushrooms. Gay parades can boast with hundred thousands of attendees. It simply stems from in this time it's more accepted and people do not need to fear persecution. Plus the power of their lobbies is growing. Ok for now and that's a problem most black people will deny. Their struggle is the same as ours. No matter how you turn it. We blacks have to be granted human rights, so do they.
So back to the hood or should I say black communities. So many times when somebody completely goes against the norm I hear he must be gay. In many cases it's many very intelligent people to be judged on. Just because somebody has his own sense the person is not gay. Just because the person is not smoking weed or getting drunk with you he is not gay. And when this person is not gangsta or acting tough and generally a more sensitive person, then it still doesn't mean the person is gay. No homo. Then, the most stupid argument. Being gay is against nature. Totally rubbish. If the only way for you guys to learn about nature is TV, then it's no wonder that you jump to this conclusion. I grew up on a farm and I saw plenty of bulls, pigs, dogs, horses involved into gay sex acts. Not a rare view. It happens anywhere animals or humans live in more crowded population. If you don't believe me, go to a farm and check for yourself.

So instead of wasting so much time on speculating on other people's sexuality you should better take care of your own lives.


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