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Jesus Christ

2012-12-14 01:23:36

The holidays are coming and I think this time I want to write about Jesus Christ. Donít worry I didnít become religious and I also did not turn crazy, but I think this is somebody yíall should read.
I always wonder how many of the fundamental hardcore Christians actually did read the bible. Especially the New Testament dealing with Jesus. I right now donít want to go deep into the validity of the book itself or debate if the main character in the stories really existed. I just want to drop a word or two on how todayís followers and representatives of the cult are quite clueless about the person they worship.

Let me come up with some contradictions here.

Conservatives who claim to be on Jesus side donít understand their hero would not be on their side. He would probably not engage in a tea party movement, you would rather find him on the site of occupy Wall Street or organizing some anti imperialist demonstration.

He and the Pope would probably not get along very well. While one is the ascetic who would die for the cause of helping the poor and needy, the other is bathing in the wealth amassed by exploiting the faith into the first person. A large portion of the wealth comes from very questionable enterprises.

Jesus would be probably the most outspoken critic on the churches and their practices.
There is no passage in the bible where he tells people to worship him. There is nothing written about a person who forces his followers to believe in god.
The person described is first of all helping the poor and sick people. The people he surrounds himself are not governors, top managers and priests. The people he is with are low class poor people. People you find in slums or ghettoes. You would rather find him in skid row Los Angeles, in an Indian slum, or just around your local church, but outside having a drink with bums and beggars. E would understand they failed badly in life but still love them. He would not hate gays, lesbians or transsexuals. He would rather try to understand them and explain to others there is no reason to fear them just because they are different. He would also not hate the authority. Authority would hate him. Authority would fight him as soon as he gets more people on his side.

Most important is he would not get people on his side because he is spreading fear, if they donít follow him they would be going to hell. People would follow him because they see his actions. Actions which speak for themselves.
A person who shares his last piece of bread so everyone can eat.
A person who performs miracles for the better of the people in need.
A person who sacrifices himself to the cause for setting a signal he does not fear the authority more specific the Roman Empire.

He would be the 90%er right now occupying Wall Street rather than sitting in board meetings of banks and co-operations and very surely he would not sit in a church or a monastery estranged to the outside world just wasting his time worshipping.
He would not be in church every Sunday and wear dress shoes and designer suits. He would probably wear a hoody and worn out sneakers.

Itís quite obvious the Christian faith is so far of itís original concept it would be better to call it a wrap. Not just of recent. It was the case in the dark ages already and it continued with the Europeansí discovery of America. I guess Jesus would have not supported the catholic church selling tickets to heaven, the burning of witches or the genocide and looting of the Native American kingdoms. Especially taking and active part in it by accepting Aztec and Inca gold, which is still stored in the Vatican up to date.
If this organization were really about Christianity they would have condemned the Spanish criminals namely Cortez and Amerigo Vespucci, but instead they awarded them for Christianizing the non-believers. Iím not writing about the crusades in the name of God and the many wars following after. The involuntary Christianization of Africa.
For all these are events in the name of Jesus Christ the person himself would just shake his head in shame.

I am an atheist, and Iím quite sure the person Jesus Christ has never existed. But even if he did. I feel strange how well the followers of Christ do understand the person they follow.


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