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My take on marihuana

2013-05-17 19:18:10

A lot of people discuss legalization of Marihuana,
so I thought of dropping my 2 cents.

I started smoking weed when I was 14 and I quit
before I was 16. During those 1 1/2 years my consumption was
quite excessive so I think I have enough insight to this subject.

For many years I was quite anti- marihuana, but over the years
I changed my opinion, because I realized by just condemning
the use of it there is no suitable solution going to be found.

Here are some of my personal statements...

The war on drugs needs to end? >
I agree

Smoking weed is good for health? >
Don't agree
Smoking is not healthy eat a brownie instead.

Less addictive than alcohol? >
Not sure. Most stoners I know spend all their time smoking. No breaks unless they run out of money.

Weed makes more intelligent? >
I don't agree. I smoked myself quite stupid and after quitting was a real change. Same as when quitting alcohol.
And I never met anybody who became significantly more stupid after quitting smoking weed.

Summary. If you like to get high occasionally, weed is great.
If you have an addictive personality don't touch it. Same
as if you have no career or you are having personal problems.
If you enjoy to be high all the time. Lazy as you wanna be.
You're moving slow mo throughout the day. enjoy.

I'm not that type of person,
but I respect other people's


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