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The Holy Pen

2015-07-31 11:15:45

Allright, today I must say thanks, to this tool, which I use for almost half of my life.
The tool, which helped me to draw my best designs. The tool, which I used for some of my best artwork. Iím speaking about my holy pen. Actually the holy pen is the holy pen No.2. No 1 went missing some long time ago. No. 2 has been roughly around since my last 3 grades in school. It was the pen I used when I was too tired to keep my eyes open during classes. The same pen I used to draw my teachers with an ugly face, so they thought I was performing some voodoo on them. The same pen which I used when I drew a logo for LL Cool Jís "Camp Cool J" charity organization. The same pen I used to participate in numerous drawing competitions, the pen I used for some of the drawings, which were hanging on the walls of the school I attended. The same pen I used to draw the original Black Bomb T-shirt logo. The same pen I used for Buzz-Tís first mix tape cover. There was a time when I was so poor I was very far from being able to buy a computer. I welt to my friend Boris, who always helped me to scan my drawings. My only tools were my "Holy Pen" and a pack of markers. There were times when y markers dried out and I only had a ball pen available. There were really times I just had 3 Deutschmarks in my pockets and thatís all I had. It was both. A disadvantage and a huge advantage at the same time. Because I learned to start from the bottom. I learned to create something from nothing. I learned to work with the bare minimum. This way I was not able to entertain all the talents I have. I had to make a pick and excel in the only one that I had the means for to entertain it. Now that I have many more tool and many more opportunities I often think I'm missing this raw approach. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the basics. On the other hand the times have changed. Things are moving so much faster so it became much harder to compete. Computers have replaced almost the entire range of analog tools. What is left is the hobby. In a professional business those tools are long outdated. I'm very lucky that I was able from the very beginning to turn my hobby into my job and my profession. If I never took a pen into my hands, and I didn't use it to draw the things I couldn't afford, the abilities that I didn't have. I would probably not be doing what I'm doing. It started always with drawing the future. Often my very own future. Now 20 years later I still have my pen with me. I didn't use it probably for the 8 years I'm in China. And I did not draw anything until this year since my father's passing. The last thing I did was drawing his face for the very first time. Once I saw the result I knew I should have been doing this much earlier. Sometimes we focus on the distant rather than on the close. I think it would be a good idea, drawing my brother as one of my next projects. If I remember all the flyers I drew with this pen. I probably should ask the German financial authority in Elmshorn, Germany. They once really shocked me with how detailed their record about me was. They had every flyer, every newspaper article. They knew all my connections. Up to that time I never expected anybody to take my work that serious. On one hand I felt like I was spied upon, on the other I felt flattered. It just changed when I was accused of various crimes I never committed. But that's a whole different story. Like I said before now it is 20 years later. I'm now getting started with new drawings. Part for the black Bomb clothing, another part will be just various caricatures, and if I find time. Video games and cartoons.
So stay tuned. There is still so much more stuff I want to give to the world.


2015-11-09 12:00:55
Walter Kardel wrote: Hey Ash, I just sumbled accross this article. I believe I took a HDD with all the data of my ex-customers with me to Canada. Chances are pretty high, that I have a lot of your flyers on it, as you have been a good customer too. ;-) Let me know if you want me to check for that. Cheers, Walter
2015-11-10 3:26:18
Ash wrote: Great idea. I have nothing left here. And I know they were really many. When my father died, my brother just threw everything away. A lot of things are lost. The only things left are with the "Finanzamt" now. They had the ebst record about me.All flyers and all newspaper articles :).

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