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Words Of Wisdom | Donít believe the Medi

2015-06-04 2:53:22

Donít believe the Media.

I did something which people would say is dangerous or crazy, but I did it anyway. To see the reactions. I drew Muhammed. Not in a provocative manner. I just drew Muhammed. I posted the image on my Facebook timeline. And guess what happened? I was expecting there might be some reactions. There might be some dislike and I could loose some friends since exactly half of my friends are Muslims.
But here is the stunning result. Nothing! No reactions at all.

My conclusion. Please donít believe the media anymore. They are running a campaign to create chaos and confusion just for the sake of generating money.

There is not a threat from the bad Muslims or whatever. It's a joke. We are all humans.

I don't deny there are extremists, but those are available in any ideology. Ever met a
radical vegan?

Nowadays our life is far more peaceful then ever. Multiculturalism has not failed. People all over the world enjoy new found liberties. Of course I am against any king of madness coming from the side of religions. But this is not limited to Islam. Just a few centuries back Christians burned older single women, because they were said to be witches. Jewish people see themselves as godís holy people and have no problem killing their Palestinian neighbors.
there is enough religious madness on a daily basis. This wonít disappear in a few days. I would still claim we should just focus on building our paradise here on planet earth. A heaven of reason and justice. enjoyable for everybody. Just because the media can only sell bad news, they should be viewed as a failed business model.

I suggest have no fear. Do whatever you believe makes your and other peopleís lives better and allow others to do the same.

One Love!


2015-06-04 12:11:56
Walter Kardel wrote: Very well said, I agree to 100%! One earth, one love
2015-06-06 0:15:56
Asher Sommer wrote: @Walter 100%. And earth is a small planet.

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