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February Rant

2015-02-17 11:08:13

Peace out to just everybody. Was a tough month, but yey itís February. As long as it is winter I donít mind working. As long as itís cold I have less distraction and just feel to do my job. So I donít mind working for an insane amount of hours. Also learning is something I wonít miss. Just learned so much more about programming. I think there is nothing like Google today. Itís ridiculous what amount of information is online and itís free. You donít need to read the whole book. You straight check for whatever you are exactly looking for. Nowadays itís just asking Google the right questions. No need to read books written by egomaniacs who just want to brag with the knowledge they acquired in expensive universities. No douche bags who just write everything extra complicated to prove they are 10 levels ahead of the reader but do nothing to assist the reader to improve his abilities. This is the main reason why I like forums. There is not just one answer, there are many. And everybody has something valuable to share. For me this worked as the absolute shortcut towards understanding most programming languages. Now we have the Chinese New Year, so the rest of February will be free. I think itís the absolute wrong time to have holidays. There is no worse month than February. But hey, they donít allow me to trade February for July. In July I would be grateful. I would just move to a place next to any beach and let me live the Baywatch lifestyle. No probs. Maybe I should become a lifeguard. Haha. Not the type of job I could do forever. Voluntary for a while would be great. Gimme a place to crash and I help you guys out for a summer season. Wearing a red Speedo and reflective sunglasses. Imagine that on the heavy polluted beaches of Shanghai. People here just throw anything into the water. Most guys are even taking their cigarettes into the water so they can continue smoking while floating in the water. Of course they use a life vest since most people here canít swim. Itís hilarious how you can spot a factory boss who picked two of his workers. Of course the most beautiful ones and invited them to join him for the beach. He will be 1.6m tall. His body shape rather round than sporty and despite the fact he is in the water. He does a Puff Daddy. Wearing his rolex while taking a dip. With a cigarette in his mouth. And He will just litter the plastic wrap of the box into the water. The girls would probably walk around with one of those inflatable sharks, which you can buy down the road which leads to the beach. Usually after leaving the beach they will throw them away, since there is one single guarantee, they will never come again. The sun. Chinese people hate the sun. They might get a tan. If somebody has a tanned body, the person might be viewed as looking like a farmer. So people shun sunlight at all costs. Even it comes with a high toll on their health. But thatís a whole different story. So after 2 hours floating in the water and disposing all the packages of snacks they are eating while sitting or standing in the mostly smooth less wavy areas of the beach, they will see their skin turn pink like crabmeat. Once they realize that, they will just rush to a shadowy area and then make their quickest way to their car and drive off quicker than they came. There is not really need for a lifeguard in Shanghai. Maybe for somebody who seriously takes care of all waste dumped into the water. I leave that job to the fully covered sombrero wearing older women, who are in charge of that. There is just one problem. They only pick the bottles they can sell but the cigarette butts stay inside the water. Maybe next summer I will again find high heel shoes inside the water. Or maybe the bone of a dinosaur? Aliens anybody?



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