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No Excuses

2010-08-19 18:22:35

I'm somebody who is taking good care of his own body. This is something that includes a daily portion of workout. So my minimum exercise is 50 push-ups (long) a day and another 50 (short) on the knuckles of my fists. This is normally my absolute minimum. Last month I caught myself skipping the daily exercise. Telling myself, that I have no time, because I was already late for work. A very common situation which I guess you guys have also been dealing with before. Well, ok. What I did is. I wanted to know how long an exercise really takes. so I went and bought myself a stopwatch. Normally during exercising it always feels like it's taking time forever. But I wanted the real number. So I used my newly acquired stopwatch. Here we go. First set of 50 push ups 49 seconds. 100 short push ups 56 seconds. And I added another 50 sit ups to exercise my belly. 1 minutes 10 seconds. Totally we have around 3 minutes of exercise here. And we don't have time for 3 minutes? I think the minutes thinking about whether to workout or not to work out take more time. The time used for thinking even. Between each set. So in this case we tolerate lying to ourselves. This is by far not the only excuse. I've been talking to guys with a cigarette in their mouth, telling me they don't have time for daily exercise. C'mon. Each cigarette costs 5-10mins of time. While a daily exercise costs far less. Plus it's for free, insures your health to a certain degree and you will be more happy with your looks. Think about it.


2012-07-23 21:18:40
Leon wrote: well said.
2012-07-24 03:27:33
Zeli Sobayeni wrote: I'm guilty and have no more excuses!!

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