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2013-05-03 19:16:01

Hey guys, tomorrow is halftime.1 more day and Iím 35 years old.
Why halftime? Because I decided a long time ago why should I become
Older than 70 years old, if for the last years my body is just degenerating.

I make this decision given that we havenít reached ďThe SingularityĒ yet.
A time when advanced technology is available which makes death no more
mandatory, rather optional.
Or that I might not have the means to make use of advanced life extending
technologies, so in this case death will be unavoidable.

This is just my personal opinion. I donít want to offend anybody who
has a different idea. This is just me. I just like to set my own limits.
Set my own time. And I donít want to end unexpectedly. I think I should
have the ability to make my own choice here.

So 04-05-2048 is my official expiry date. Unless life can be extended by
another minimum 50 years, without looking old or suffering from severe
body restrictions. I also have no problem with a transition to a mechanical
life form. But I keep that optional. I need to be able to enjoy that lifestyle.

Anyway, I have 35 years left. So just relax.


2013-05-07 08:29:48
Leon wrote: Happy 35 buddy! That's a fine looking 35-year-old body. So don't worry Asher by 70 you'll be ready for another 70.

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