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Sunshine is happyness

2015-11-09 3:08:13

Yo. Back to writing and back to my blog. This year's summer and fall season was an interesting time.
For me its all about the happiness. Happiness comes from sunshine. Its so cheap and easy. All it takes to become happier is maybe half an hour of sunshine a day.
Iím a person who always likes sunshine. A contributing factor is certainly the winter depression I always used to have until 2 years ago. People who know me well know summer ash and winter ash are not the same. I have to give credit to my distant cousin and friend Walter who introduced me to a German doc in Saskatoon Canada. This doc introduced me to vitamin d. I didn't take vitamin D serious until I googled it on the internet and I found many websites and discussions about the benefits of vitamin D. The point where my eyes have been opened, was when I stumbled upon a documentary on YouTube about vitamin D by Dr. Michael P. Hollick from Boston Massachusetts. In his documentary, he in depth explained the mechanism and the benefits of vitamin d. All my past problems with winter depression and a weak immune system were explained here. Especially that people of color have it much harder getting sufficient amounts of the vitamin, because of the fact that the skin is thicker an the further north somebody is located the less sunshine is available during daytime. Also the angle takes a huge part. If the sun can only rise to 45 degrees it means the very important UV-b radiation is not available at all. I was even shocked to hear it is less damaging for the skin to sunbath at noon than in the afternoon or the morning hours. Thinking back I can recall the times I actually got a sunburn it was either early or late when I exposed myself to sunshine. I remember a very terrible sunburn when I was in Canada in 2004 at about 5pm. The sun was very strong that time and I had the first ever sunburn in my life. This year I was sunbathing at noon from June to September. I didnít have a single sunburn. Strange isn't it? Another factor is sunglasses. And people know me for always wearing sunglasses. Actually the brain is tricked to believe the sun is not really strong. So the body does not release extra melanin to tan the skin. This is the reason why so many people face horrific burns when they just stay even for short periods n the sun. Supplementation with vitamin D tablets is very helpful. I still recommend to get some extra sunlight. There is one effect of which i did not find many studies. Sunlight when entering our eyes has an effect. If you have heard of sun gazing and probably tried it you know what Iím writing about. For those who havenít, please look it up on Google. Once you get used to exposing your eyes to direct sunlight. You will feel a strong energy buildup. Very important is if you're not totally relaxed it won't work. There are people who claim they havenít eaten for month or years. I havenít tried that but I know whenever I sun gaze the appetite s quite reduced. I then also have little appetite for meat or any heavy food.
A big motivation for me to look deeper into this is that my father was always in the sun. As a German with white skin he would still spend many hours in the sun without getting any problems. He barely ever went to see a doctor and at age 73 he had 0 bone problems. He was even joking that the younger guys at his workplace are all too weak. In fact he carried more weight than his colleagues.
His He also only had grey hair in winter. In summer all, the grey hair was gone. For people who spend most of their working time indoors its very difficult to get adequate
Amounts of sunshine. So I would personally recommend to spend at least 10min during lunch break outside. No matter there is sunshine or not.
On the bottom of this page, I have some resources from experts who can explain it probably a lot better than I do. But for the meantime its my personal introduction towards a better perspective of sunshine and its many uses.

Always remember. Itís free.

Vitamin D - A D-lightful story for good health. Dr Michael F. Holick


2015-11-09 11:53:42
Walter Kardel wrote: Hey Ash, this is why I love to live here in Saskatoon, Kanada: Almost all year long we have blue sky and a lot of sunshine, even in winter with -40įC below! And we have very good doctors here too. LOL Happy to hear you are doing fine, I hope Penny is too?! Cheers, Walter
2015-11-10 21:45:54
Leon wrote: Asher, you give me a lot of information here that is revealing. You grab my attention with your crisp and informative blog. I definitely have to look into more of this sun topic that you talk about. They say he who feels it knows it. Well you felt it and you know it. And I'm glad that you worked through your Winter blues. I can feel that energy coming out of your writing. You are so talented Ash. #Amazinghuman
2015-11-10 3:16:21
Asher Sommer wrote: Hi Walter, as you can see in this article Im very thankful that you introduced me to this doc. He didnt solve my problem but he gave me the perfect hint in which direction I need to go. Big thanks for that. It has really changed my life.
2015-11-27 3:01:40
Asher Sommer wrote: @Leon. No matter how far I went. I'm still a kid discovering new interesting things in this world. The ones i think are really great I share them with those people who really matter to me.
2015-12-10 3:55:06
katia wrote: Tks cous ; )
2017-02-10 1:51:35
tkafxmwd wrote: 20

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